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10 Villas with a View


You just can’t beat a stunning view! Whether that’s rolling hills all around you or beautiful beaches sitting perfectly in your eyeline. And in our villas with a view, that amazing scenery feels like it’s all yours. Picture your morning coffee with mountain panoramas, drinking in the towering landscape with every sip. Or a breathtaking sunset with loved ones, as you relax around your pool. So sit back and enjoy some of our top picks.

10 – Villa More – Dalmatia, Croatia 

Stunning view from balcony of Villa More in Dalmatia, Croatia

The beach just below your balcony, the waves of the Adriatic from your windows – you couldn’t ask for much more.

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9 – Villa Christina – Epirus, Greece 

Sea view from Villa Christina in Epirus, Greece

Imagine views of the Ionian from your infinity pool – you could spend forever enjoying this sea and scenery with every dip. There’s also balconies and a Jacuzzi that offer more snapshots of coastal beauty.

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8 – Villa Praia – The Algarve, Portugal 

Beach view from Villa Praia in the Algarve, Portugal

All the beachfront brilliance you could ever want is just waiting on the Algarve. The golden sand and crashing waves sit just below this stunning villa. Does it get more inviting than this?

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7 – Villa Vall d’en Marc – Pollensa, Mallorca 

Countryside views from Villa Vall d'en Marc, Mallorca

Marvel at the mountains of the Marc Valley, from the privacy of this rural hideaway. Whether you choose to take it all in from the terrace or from the comfort of your sunlounger, that’s completely up to you.

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6 – Villa Palazzo Rosadi – Tuscany, Italy 

Countryside view over pool in Tuscany, Italy

Another countryside gem, the scenery here feels like a work of art! An Italian masterpiece that’s reserved for you and yours. And where better to take it all in than from your luxurious hot tub? Holiday in style and enjoy the finer things in this slice of Tuscany.

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5 – Limni Beach Villa – Polis, Cyprus 

Sunset sea view from Limni Beach Villa's pool in Cyprus

There’s something magical about the sun setting over the sea – those golden rays edging their way closer to the waves. And this part of the Cypriot coastline seems to have a little extra sparkle. Those sunloungers just seem so inviting…

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4 – Villa Calypso – Soufriere, St. Lucia 

View of the Piton Mountains from Villa Calypso, St. Lucia

Wake up to peaks of the Pitons, with stunning views from your balcony! You’ll probably feel like you’re in a Caribbean dream each morning, but you can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Those tropical dreams become a beautiful reality with a villa holiday here.

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3 – Villa Castellet – Torre Soli, Menorca 

View over the pool of Menorca's Villa Castellet

Whoever coined the phrase ‘blue and green should never be seen’ had obviously never visited Menorcan shores. The lush fields meet the shimmering seas on this part of the coast and you could be taking it all in from the privacy of your villa.

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2 – Villa Coral Blue – The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Harbour views at night from Villa Coral Blue on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Boats bobbing up and down on the waves, the colourful seaside town lighting up the coastline below – this is your vantage point over the Amalfi Coast. There’s even breathtaking views from your bathtub!

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1 – Villa Electra – Rhodes Town, Rhodes 

Sea views from Villa Electra in Rhodes, Greece

Perched atop the hillside and giving you all that privacy you crave, Electra really is the perfect blend of panoramas and personal space. Look across the towns and out to sea, you’ll just have to pick where. Poolside, from a balcony or sitting on the sofa – the choice is all yours.

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This is just the tip of the panoramic iceberg! If one of these amazing views hasn’t tickled your fancy, take a look at our collection of villas with great views

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