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5 Idyllic Caribbean Beaches…


…that will make you want to book a villa holiday.

Picking just five idyllic beaches is a tough ask – this list could easily be 20, 50 or even 100! Whenever you stumble across a Caribbean beach it seems like paradise. So here’s a small selection of our favourites. The ones that will have you dreaming of an exotic escape and sending your wanderlust levels into overdrive. Besides, you’ll already be itching to get on those tropical sands by the time you reach number five.

Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay Beach, Barbados

Coconut palm trees, fine white sand and rolling turquoise waves – Bottom Bay could be the paradise you’ve always dreamt of. Despite being one of Barbados’ most beautiful beaches, it still has that remote feel. Perfect for desert island fantasies! Being partly tucked away behind the cliffs adds to that air of peace and tranquillity – so where better to relax and unwind?

Ffryes Beach, Antigua

Ffryes Beach, Antigua

The perfect spot for a dip in those warm Caribbean seas. The water here is clear and calm – so even if you usually prefer sand over sea, you might be tempted to paddle, swim and splash around on Ffryes. Lively but without too much bustle, this is the perfect environment for an incredible beach day in Antigua. There’s lot of natural shade to be found too. So if you’d prefer not to spend the whole day soaking up the sun, you’ll have plenty of places to cool off.

Foul Bay, Barbados

Foul Bay beach, Barbados

Don’t be alarmed, this stretch of sand is far from foul! But maybe its misleading name will keep the crowds away, leaving you to enjoy it all to yourself. Once ‘Fowl Bay’, migrating birds gave this beach its original title. Prepare yourself for a vibrant splash of Caribbean colour, with blues, greens and plenty in between. Sandwiched between the waves and tropical plants are the island’s own ebony and ivory of white sand and rugged cliffs.

Soufriere Beach, St. Lucia

View of the Piton Mountains from Soufriere Beach, St. Lucia

The towering peak of the Piton Mountains is the undisputed star of Soufriere’s show! Although, the crystal-clear waters, exotic greenery and golden sand are an incredible supporting cast. Imagine laying back in the Caribbean sun, with stunning views of St. Lucia – beach bliss.

Shoal Bay, Antigua

Shoal Bay, Antigua

Antigua is a treasure trove of stunning beaches, but head north and one of the island’s finest awaits. Shoal Bay is a beautiful strip of white sand, where sparkling seas lap the shore. The beaches in this part of Antigua tend to be very popular and yet Shoal Bay still retains its air of charm and tranquillity. Escape the crows and enjoy all the beauty of the Caribbean shores.

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