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5 Tapas Dishes You Can Do Yourself


A trip to Spain without sampling the delicious tapas dishes is almost criminal; with delicious rich flavours and fresh local ingredients, tapas is the perfect way to taste each of the regions in Spain. The word originally comes from the word “tapar” that translates as “to cover”, which all makes sense when you think how in the past, the traditional tapas were used to cover people’s drinks. Nowadays, you can enjoy a range of mouth-watering delights, from fried seafood to carefully stewed meats; you’ll find tapas dishes for every taste. To help you get creative in your own villa kitchen, we’ve put together a tasty list of tapas treats you can do yourself – in no time at all. So, get your utensils at the ready, and start cooking.

Chorizo a la sidra

This dish is so simple and easy, yet unbelievably delicious. To begin, simply fry some thinly sliced onions in light olive oil, and then pour a glass of cider over them once they have become soft. Cut the chorizo into chunks and add to the cider mixture to let it slowly cook; this way you’ll end up with tender, delicious pieces of chorizo that have a deep, fruity flavour. It goes perfectly with a sunset view and a glass of Rioja.

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Traditional Chorizo

Traditional and flavourful chorizo


This is slightly more complicated, but still incredibly easy to do. To create the béchamel sauce, stir butter, flour and milk in a hot saucepan until thick and creamy, and once these have been completely mixed, add dried breadcrumbs and leave to cool in the fridge. Once the béchamel mixture is completely cool add your own additions, such as ham or vegetables, and then roll them into little croquette shapes, dip them into beaten egg and cover them in more breadcrumbs. After that, all you have to do is fry them in some oil and serve hot – delicious!

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Crispy coated croquetas with a creamy middle


Head to your villa’s local fish monger to get the freshest squid available, there they’ll be able to gut and clean your squid for you, which will save you the messy job of removing the ink sack. With the cleaned and prepared squid, cut it into rings to give you the perfect calamares shape, but don’t forget to save the tentacles, as these are also very delicious. To coat, simply blend flour with salt and pepper and cover the squid ring with the mixture. Once this has been done, you can gently fry them until golden.

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Scrumptious rings of calamari

Scrumptious rings of calamari


If you love scallops, and want to add a little pizzazz to your evening meal, then Zamburiñas are ideal. These renowned Galician scallops are pan-fried and served with a tangy, marinara sauce. These work perfectly as a mid-afternoon snack, or as an accompaniment to your evening meal.

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Scallops in a tomato sauce

Scallops in a marinara sauce

Patatas Bravas

This potato dish is delicious and filling, and is great for when you need to add another dimension to your selection of tapas dishes. Par-boil the potatoes and roll them around in a colander until they’re soft around the edges. Once they’re fluffy, deep fry them until they’re sizzling and golden in colour. Once they’re hot and ready to serve, cover them in your favourite toppings, from rich tomato sauce, to sautéed peppers and grilled chicken.

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Delicious potatas bravas

Delicious potatas bravas

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