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Airport scavenger hunt plus other games


In a recent blog post we shared our villa holiday packing list to help you prepare for your villa holiday knowing that every little thing has been taken care of. Now we are moving on to …

Distraction techniques.

Your trump card to make sure that even the travelling to and from your holiday with kids, runs smoothly and stress free. Yes, honestly.

flying with children

We’ve been there and realised that nobody knows quite when the moment is going to hit. We’re talking about bored child syndrome and you’ve not even left the country yet! How anyone can be bored with the bustling life of an exciting airport beats us but plenty of travelling children have uttered these words, especially when there are delays or long walks from lounge to gate.

There are often a few pointers that a showdown is on the way and this is the perfect moment to pull out the Airport Scavenger Hunt from your bag of tricks. Ta-dah!

Hand over this lifesaving game and let the kids have fun as they spot and tick off the items on their list. You could even bribe them with a prize for a completed game.

We’ve also included a travel quiz for all ages and a fun airport wordsearch. So if you’re on a 4 hour flight we hope it comes in handy. PS. Don’t forget the pencils!

Download the Airport Scavenger Hunt and other games by clicking on the image below, the games will open in a separate browser for you to print off.

airport scavenger hunt

Click to download the Airport Scavenger Hunt

Now you see that travelling with children is a breeze, why not browse our villas in Spain and start planning your next holiday?

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