Barbados uncovered


Barbados Uncovered


Of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados perhaps boasts the most fun and free-spirited lifestyle. For me, it encapsulates paradise. A coastline with soft white and pink sands, a capital packed with history and culture, and the option to enjoy a holiday that’s both full of glamour and grounded in nature.

Barbados beaches

Barbados’ beaches are all gorgeous, but with slightly different offerings depending on where you go. If you want an unbeatable sunset on the beach, Accra Beach on the south coast near Hastings is crescent-shaped with a long boardwalk and trees lining the pink sands.

For boogie boarding and the best swimming spots, Crane Beach on the south-eastern coast is wide and pink, with turquoise waves chopping against the shore. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even try your hand at cliff diving. The gently-sloping sands at Crane Beach make it a great option for families and those who are less agile.

Bathsheba beach

Bathsheba beach for a uniquely Bajan experience

The fishing village of Bathsheba has something really unique on its beach – cool shallow inshore pools. Carved out of coral reef, these pools are a wonderful way to cool down on a hot day! The rocky coastline around Bathsheba provides a picture-perfect backdrop, so chill out here for a uniquely Bajan experience.

There are countless other beaches in Barbados – so explore the island and see if you can find your own secret paradise! I hear Welches Beach on the south coast is often less crowded than the others.



Historic Bridgetown with its garrison

South of the island’s capital you’ll find a wonderful UNESCO heritage site – historic Bridgetown and its garrison. Whether you’re a history buff or not, the colonial buildings are beautiful, and incredibly well-preserved, having been built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Nearby, the Parliament Buildings of Barbados are home to the local government and have beautiful features, such as green cast iron railings and a clock tower. For a little time away from beach activities, we really recommend exploring a little of the island’s history.

Don’t miss…

Harrison’s Cave

Harrisons cave

Harrison’s cave, a subterranean cavern in the centre of the island of Barbados.

Right in the middle of the island you can find Harrison’s Cave. This incredible subterranean cavern is simply amazing. Crystallised limestone, pools of clear water and cool streams create an other-worldly environment, all surrounded by speleothems (mineral deposits).

St. Nicholas Abbey

In Saint Peter, north-eastern Barbados, St. Nicholas Abbey is a great example of a Jacobean mansion from the early 17th century, and has been used as a sugar plantation since its construction in 1660. Check out the rum distillery, learn about the building’s eventful history and walk to Cherry Tree Hill for beautiful views over the east coast.

Animal Flower Cave

On the northern tip of the island, Animal Flower Cave has amazing views out to sea, while the inside of the cave features colourful copper and iron rock formations. If you fancy chilling out and enjoying the views, stop by the clifftop restaurant, which serves up some authentic and delicious Bajan sandwiches known as cutters.

Hunte’s Gardens

huntes garden

Stroll through Hunte’s Gardens and admire the wonderful flowers

A botanical garden and nursery, the natural beauty of Hunte’s Gardens is wonderful. Created by a horticulturalist in the 1950s, you’ll be welcomed by the owner and have the chance to explore the many nooks and crannies of the gardens, before a refreshingly cool drink. A stroll through these gardens is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Barbados villas

Sunbeam villa James Villa Holidays

Sunbeam Villa

Sunbeam is located in the luxury resort of Sandy Lane. It’s a beautiful property surrounded by tropical gardens – the perfect choice for a large group or family looking for a special stay.

bougainvillea James Villa Holidays

Bougainvillea Beach Resort

For complete convenience, a Holiday Resort is the ultimate choice. Bougainvillea Beach Resort is found on the southern coast of Barbados, near to the bustling and famous neighbourhood of St. Lawrence Gap.

Dreamcatcher James Villa Holidays

Villa Dreamcatcher

Find peace and quiet in the stunning area of Gibbes, at villa Dreamcatcher. Within sight of Gibbes Bay, the private pool is nestled in tropical gardens, and the interior is lavishly furnished throughout. Total luxury!

Explore the incredible island of Barbados on your next villa holiday. Check out the rest of our Barbados villas and start planning today.


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