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Barbecue Recipes From Around The World


A waft of charcoal and that unmistakable sizzling sound… It’s time to stoke the barbecue! Whether you’re cooking up a feast at your villa or home, liven up the menu with the flavours and flare of some of our favourite holiday destinations. These four, fabulous dishes come hot off the coals of Charlie Clapp. A food stylist and recipe writer extraordinaire, she’s worked for the UK’s top chefs, celebrities, food titles and publishers, plus Jamie Oliver’s renowned food team no less. She comes to you now to save you from burnt burgers and scorched sausages, and crown you king of the grill.

Barbecued Steak Tagliata with a Tomato And Herb Salt Salad

This traditional Tuscan steak recipe is cooked with herbs and sliced. The delicious marinade, an underused yet tender cut of beef and fresh, salty salad is Italian flavour and simplicity at its finest.



2 x 350g good quality beef skirt steaks or sirloin
4 cloves garlic, skin on
2 large sprigs rosemary
4 sprigs thyme
2 red chillies, halved lengthways
5 tbsp olive or vegetable oil

For the salad:

1kg mixed tomatoes (large, cherry etc), chopped and sliced
2 sprigs rosemary
1 tsp sea salt flakes (like maldon)
Italian extra virgin olive oil
Handful basil, leaves torn
Fresh bread, to serve


For the beef, add the garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme, chillies and vegetable oil to a large bowl and add the steaks. Rub the marinade all over very well then cover with a tea towel and leave in the fridge overnight. This will make the meat really tender and full of flavour.

Light your barbecue and remove the steaks in their marinade to get to room temperature for 30 minutes or so (depending on how hot it is outside).

Make sure your barbecue is really hot, then place your steaks on the griddle. Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes for medium rare. Remove and set aside to rest while you make the tomato salad.

Chop the rosemary as fine as you can and stir it into the salt. Toss the tomatoes in your serving bowl with the olive oil and sprinkle over your herby salt and basil leaves.

When your steak has rested and salad is made, slice your steak (making sure you are doing so across the grain). Serve with fresh bread and the salad. Delizioso!

Caribbean Marinated Sea Bass with Mango Salad

Instead of the classic Jerk recipes that the Caribbean brings to mind, this recipe makes use of the region’s fresh ingredients and spices. Hot scotch bonnets and smoky paprika compliment the sweet and meaty sea bass, while the fresh salad calms down the palate. This recipe is a huge pleasure to make, and even more so to eat!



Thumb sized piece of ginger, skin removed and roughly sliced
Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lime
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp sweet smoked paprika
½ scotch bonnet
2 shallots
Chopped handful coriander, stalks and all
2 large sea bass

For the salad:

1 ripe mango, peeled and chopped into chunks
100g fresh coconut, skin off and chopped into chunks
Small handful mint, leaves picked
Juice of 2 limes


Put the ginger, lime zest and juice, garlic, paprika, scotch bonnet, shallots and coriander in a food processor. Add a splash of water and a pinch of seasoning and whizz to a paste.

Score the sea bass on each side with three or four diagonal lines, then rub all over with the aromatic paste, getting into the score lines to penetrate those lovely Caribbean flavours.

Place on the hot barbecue and cook for 8-10 minutes on each side, or until the flesh is golden and cooked through.

For the mango salad, place the mango, fresh coconut and mint leaves into a serving bowl and, when you’re ready to eat, squeeze over the juice of the limes. Toss through and enjoy with the fish.

When the fish is ready, place on a platter and serve with the fresh mango salad.

Classic Greek Gyros Pita

This is a take on the classic pork gyros that Greece is so renowned for. A very easy recipe that can be prepped well in advance, so you can relax and enjoy your barbecue without spending all of your time in the kitchen.



2-3 pork tenderloin
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp dried mint
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp ground coriander
2 cloves garlic, crushed
Finely grated zest and juice of
2 lemons
2 tbsp vegetable oil
6 bay leaves
Red onion, halved and finely sliced
100ml white wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
½ iceberg lettuce
4 ripe tomatoes
Handful fresh mint leaves
4 flatbreads
1 cucumber
250g thick Greek yoghurt
1 clove garlic, crushed
Handful fresh dill, chopped
Squeeze of lemon


Slice the tenderloin into 1cm rounds and place in a large bowl with the dried herbs, spices, garlic, lemon, vegetable oil and whole bay leaves. Mix everything together really well then cover with cling film or a tea towel and leave in the fridge to marinate for at least 2 hours.

Meanwhile make the tzatziki. Place a colander in the sink and grate the cucumber into it.

Squeeze the water out with your hands by pressing down firmly. Transfer to a bowl with the yoghurt, garlic, dill and lemon. Stir well and season to taste. Set aside until you’re ready to serve.

In a separate bowl combine the vinegar with the sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper and 50ml of water. Add the finely sliced onion and scrunch with your hands so the onion softens and begins to pickle. Leave until you’re ready to serve.

When your barbecue is hot and you’re ready to go, thread the pork slices and bay leaves onto a metal skewer or two so the pieces are tightly compacted. Place on your barbecue and cook for 20 minutes, with the lid on, checking and turning every couple of minutes. If you’re using a coal barbecue then don’t place your skewers directly over the coals. Leave one side of your barbecue coal free so you can achieve a non-direct heat source for your skewers. This will prevent burning and make the skewers lovely and juicy.

To assemble, slice the meat from the skewers and place in a serving bowl. Help yourself to a flatbread warmed on the barbecue and dollop on a good measure of tzatziki, followed by slices of tomato, meat, shredded lettuce, mint leaves and your pickled onions. Wrap and enjoy with a cold beer (and maybe a side of chips).

Barbecued Ratatouille Salad with Hot Chèvre and a rough pistou dressing

This is a take on the famed French ratatouille. In this recipe the vegetables are chargrilled on the barbecue, bringing out a lovely smoky flavour. Drizzled with the classic southern French pistou and served with sweet, hot chèvre cheese and crusty French baguette, this recipe is a keeper and will take you back to the Provençal lifestyle time and time again. If you have a pestle and mortar to hand make the sauce using it, however if you don’t then follow the recipe below. To make this completely vegetarian replace the chèvre with vegetarian goat’s cheese, or remove altogether.



2 courgettes, sliced
1 red onion, cut into wedges
1 red pepper, cut into chunks
1 yellow pepper, cut into chunks
Pinch of herbes de Provence
2 x 100g chèvre
2 tsp honey
2 tbsp nonpareille capers
1 clove garlic, crushed
Large handful basil
25g parmesan cheese, finely grated
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


Place the sliced courgettes, onion and peppers onto your hot barbecue. Scatter over a little of the herbes de Provence and chargrill on each side for a couple of minutes, then turn everything over to char the other side, sprinkling with a little more herbes de Provence. Remove and set aside on a large serving platter.

Drizzle the honey over the chèvre and wrap in baking parchment and foil. Place on the barbecue to cook for 10 minutes, until the honey is bubbling and the cheese is hot. Meanwhile make the pistou. Finely chop the basil (setting some leaves aside) and place in a bowl with the garlic and parmesan cheese. Gradually stir in the oil until you have a lovely, loose dressing.

Scatter the capers over the vegetables, drizzle over the pistou and finish with some extra basil leaves, seasoning and a drizzle of oil. Carefully open the hot chèvre and serve alongside with lots of French bread and a cold glass of rosé wine.

Italy, the Caribbean, Greece and France have inspired our barbecue recipes; while the guests tuck in, you can think ahead and plan your BIG holiday making the most of our 2018 offer.

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barbecue recipes

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