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DIY Beach Christmas Decorations


Nobody knows for sure what Santa does when he clocks off in the early hours of the 25th December. But here at James, we have a feeling that after Christmas dinner he and Mrs Claus jump on their sleigh and head to the beach for a well-earned holiday! As we all know there’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach with your loved ones.

So what if we told you there was a way to bring this feeling home? Collecting shells, driftwood and pebbles is a great way to remind yourself of the fun you had. The driftwood you found in Mallorca, the seashells stockpiled from your Algarve trip or even the sand you bottled from Cyprus – they all bring back those fond holiday memories.

If you want to go one step further, you can turn these beach finds into beach decorations to hang around the home or even into beautiful gifts. Follow the steps below to discover how to turn your holiday finds into Christmas decorations…


driftwood Christmas decorations

Driftwood is a wonderful material to use in crafts. Versatile and easy to work with, all sizes can be used in various ways. Like the image above, you can glue it to a piece of wood or card in varying lengths to form your very own driftwood Christmas tree. All that’s left to do is decorate! Putting your creative flair to the test as you get into the Christmas spirit.

Small pieces can be painted like a reindeer or Santa and used as tree decorations, just thread some colourful ribbon through a hole at the top.

Or create a sculpture! Find a tall cone and glue on the driftwood from the bottom up to create overhanging ‘branches’ – voila! A fabulous Christmas tree.

Another lovely idea is to make a star. Using five pieces of driftwood around the same length, overlay them and tie or glue in place at the tips. Once the glue is dry, thread some lights around the outside and place on your mantelpiece or hang on your door.


sand christmas decorations

The simplest and most child-friendly way of decorating seashells is painting them, drilling a hole in the top and hanging with some colourful ribbon. You could draw Santa faces, snowman faces or even more elaborate designs – see our Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Sea shell angels are very simple and require shells of different sizes, glue and ribbon to hang them together.

One of our favourites is using an empty glass bauble, filling it with some sand and then placing a few tiny shells on top, maybe a bottle with a message in it or a beach sign!



Pebbles are great for games like Christmas Story stones seen here by Crafts On Sea or creating a noughts and crosses game. They are also perfect for painting houses on and making a mantelpiece Christmas village.

You can also make pictures by sticking different size stones to card and framing them to hang on the wall. Simple shapes like stars or snowmen are great for kids to try, but if you fancy a challenge why not try and recreate the nativity scene?


seaglass decorations

There are plenty of ideas if you’re lucky enough to return home with a bag of seaglass. Resembling stained glass, simple shapes like a glittering Christmas tree or love heart make a perfect mosaic to hang at your window. One of our favourites to try is hanging groups of glass using some fine copper thread and a ribbon to decorate your tree with a festive seaside twist.


You most likely didn’t come home with lots of sand in your suitcase but you can always nip to your local beach or buy it at a DIY store. Turn glass jars and ramekins into table decorations by covering the sides with a mixture of sand a glue. You can add sea shells in there too or mix different coloured sands – either way, you’ll feel the calm of the beach with you on Christmas day. Pop a tea light in the middle and you’ve got yourself a seaside memento that works all year round.

Get crafting with these ideas and start planning where to collect your next beach haul! Our 2018 villa holidays are flying out the window… just remember to pack a bag to keep all your beach finds.
For more inspiration and tips visit our Pinterest board.

Villa holidays are the perfect excuse to look out for some great beach finds to use later back at home.

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