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Beach Essentials For Women


If you’re escaping to warmer climes with the chance to relax by the beach here is our handy list of beach essentials for every woman off on their holiday. From picking out a new swim suit, to deciding what to fill your beach bag with, we’ve got you covered. So, forget about work and the gloomy weather back home, and start looking forward to your James Villas holiday today.

A stylish bag for all your beach essentials

A stylish bag for all your beach essentials

Swim suit

Nothing feels better than looking stylish and feeling great, as you soak up the sun on the beach. Forget about frumpy one-pieces or ill-fitted bikinis and plan ahead, you’re bound to find a swimming costume that’s fashion forward but also complements your figure.


When it comes to sandals, you’ll need a pair that is comfortable to wear, but also look great as you enjoy a stroll across the glistening white sand. Take the time to try plenty of them on before you go, and once you’ve found the perfect fit, be sure to wear them around your home to prevent any sore feet on holiday!

Sun cream

Sun cream is definitely an essential item, especially if you’re hitting the beaches of the beautifully warm Sharm El Sheikh! Aim to pack sun cream that’s at least got a 30SPF, but if you’re naturally pale and often suffer from sunburn, try and find one that offers 50SPF protection or higher.


Keep yourself cool and sunburn free with a trendy hat! It’ll protect your scalp from burning in the beautiful sunshine, but will also leave you looking incredibly chic!

The perfect beach hat and kaftan

The perfect beach hat and kaftan

De-tangler, comb and other hair treatments

Although swimming in the sea and spotting exotic fish is a real treat, your tangled looking hair afterwards is not. Save your mane by packing a de-tangler, which you should use sparingly once you’re back on land.

Got blonde highlights? Guard your locks from the sun, and the chlorine of your villa’s pool, by packing a protection spray. It’ll leave your hair looking glossy and amazing, not dry or green!

Cooling spray

To keep yourself cool, calm and collected in the spectacular sunshine, be sure to invest in a cooling mist. Your skin will be left feeling instantly refreshed and soothed, as you sip your cocktail of choice.


Whether you wear it as a cover-up or a beach dress, a kaftan is a versatile piece of clothing that’s an essential part of any lady’s beach bag. Forget about the boring kaftans you may be used to though, as nowadays you can get them in all sorts of colours and patterns, from leopard print to paisley!

A good book

Finally, the real beach essential for any woman is a good book. There’s nothing better than putting your shades on and getting absorbed by a fantastic storyline as you take in the glorious sunshine. Why not check out our book club for your next holiday read?

For more inspiration on where to go during your beach holiday, take a look at all of our destinations, where you are sure to find not only your perfect villa holiday, but the best place to relax listening to the sound of crashing waves.


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