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Everyone loves going on holiday, but often the journey getting there can be long and arduous, particularly if your flight is at an awkward time or you’re heading somewhere remote. Travelling on your own can be tough enough, but it becomes a real challenge when you’re travelling with the whole family. Keeping children sufficiently entertained and avoiding the dreaded ‘are we there yet’ question isn’t easy, and that’s where we come in. At James Villas, we have years of experience of creating the perfect family holidays in our beautiful villas, and we’ve learnt a couple of things along the way. So to get your holiday off to a happy start from the minute you leave the house, try playing a couple of these fun family travel games along the way.

In the car

One of the most classic car games of all time is I-Spy. It’s an oldie, but never fails to keep the kids entertained. If, somehow, you’re not familiar with this game, the rules are simple. Turns are taken for one person to look outside the window and choose a random item, which they give a clue about with the following famous phrase: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” and then state the first letter of the word of their chosen object. The other players then take it in turns to try to guess what the item may be, and the winner is then the next person to pick something. Simple.

Kids in the car on holiday

Entertaining the kids in the car on holiday


 At the airport

The airport is an exciting place – as far as your kids are concerned, anyway – with planes to spot, shops to browse and places to get a bite to eat. This all changes, however, when your flights get delayed, and I think we all know that this does happen from time to time. In the event you find yourself in a departure lounge with restless children, don’t stress. Instead, take everyone’s mind off the boredom with a little imagination-stimulating storytelling! You can easily turn this into a fun group activity, in which one person starts the story off with an opening line and then everyone takes it in turns to come up with the next sentence and turn of events. You could even write it down and turn it into a family book complete with illustrations – get creative with it.

A family in an airport playing games

A family in an airport playing games


At your villa

Once you finally arrive at your villa, the fun can really begin. It’s unlikely there will be a moment spare for boredom on your James Villas holiday, but we’ve still got a couple of ideas to keep you busy! A fun way to explore your new surroundings is with a game of hide and seek – take it in turns to run off and hide and try to find each other. And when the sun comes out, why not all head to the pool for a splash around. Take a look at some of our great ideas for pool games to play together, as well.

Family fun in the villa

Family fun in the villa


The fun never stops on a James Villas holiday, with our beautiful villas set in some of the most stunning landscapes and the ability to tailor your holiday to suit you. What more could you possibly want?

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next villa holiday, take a look at our destinations page and get planning!


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