what camera equipment to take on holiday


What Camera Equipment To Take On Holiday


Holidays are all about making memories – walking barefoot on a sandy beach, enjoying the local tipple in a taverna, the boat trip to see the caves and the sunset (don’t get us started on the glorious sunsets!)…

On holiday, every minute of the day counts and there are thousands of occasions where you’ll be tempted to pick up the camera, Go Pro, even smartphone and capture those moments to savour again and again once you’re back home.

We’ve put together a handy checklist of camera gear to take on holiday, plus some top tips to make sure you get the best holidays snaps to remind you of your time away.

Camera equipment to take on holiday

– Camera bag
– Camera
– Memory card
– Camera/battery charger
– Spare batteries or battery pack
– Travel adapter for charging plus leads required
– Lens cloths or dust blowers
– Lenses
– Tripod

camera gear to take on holiday

Top tips for the best holiday photography

  1. Check you have the correct type of memory card for your camera.  You can save room by taking 1 large memory card (32GB or 64GB) or if you want to play safe, take a couple of smaller ones (2GB or 4GB).
  2. Clear your memory card(s) of all the photos.
  3. Charge your battery on your camera so you can start taking photos as soon as you arrive.
  4. Plug your adapter into your camera charger so it’s ready to charge. There’s nothing more annoying than your adapter slipping out of your bag and not being able to charge your camera halfway through the holiday, plus there’s less chance of losing it!
  5. Pack your camera into your hand luggage.  Having this with you on the plane means that you can ensure it is safe.
  6. Clean your lens. This is better done at home in a relaxed environment rather than on the transfer from the airport to your villa. You will know it’s clean and ready to snap away.
  7. Remember – You won’t need every single piece of kit you own.
  8. Stay light – Remember every kilo counts at check in, if it’s not essential, don’t take it.
  9. Be safe – Keep your camera bag with you at all times when you’re out. Make sure your travel insurance covers your camera gear too.

Holiday photo prompts

We’ve put together 10 fun holiday photo prompts to take whilst you’re on your villa holiday.

holiday photo prompts

Save the image on your phone to refer back to and then put your photography skills to the test.

Why not try and capture all ten and share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ourmoments. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Happy holiday, happy memories and happy snapping!

Don’t forget, you could also enter your favourite into the Our Moments competition and be in with a chance to bag a holiday worth £3000! What’s not to like about that idea?

summer holiday photo prompts


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