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From a child I have always travelled abroad and in my case or backpack there has always been a book or two, but almost 15 years ago I started a three year work and travel around the America’s and of course I couldn’t take all the books that I would read in that time, generally I am a ‘read a book a day’ girl if I am on a beach holiday,  so instead my backpack was packed with two books and my hand luggage was packed with a single book that could last me a few flights, or travel wherever I was bound.

Throughout the three years I always had three books in my bags – two that I would come to and could be moved up to the hand luggage – so many planes, trains, buses, boats and taxi’s put your main bags out of sight so I always carried 1 in my bag. Books aren’t light and I often did things like buy two in one shampoo and conditioner as I travelled to reduce the weight in my bags as I always carried the books with me.

These books changed almost weekly as I travelled and worked exchanging with others, swapping at book shelves in youth hostels, hotels, bus stops and work stops along the way but there was always a theme to them. A mystery, a thrill, an adventure – no I was never a “women’s fiction” kind of person, I wanted some meat to get into and it had to last a length of time. The few times that I picked up romance and contemporary fiction they finished before I started.

Clive Cussler, Matthew Riley and Alistair Maclean featured heavily in my choices– there were a few times that I stuck with the same book reading over and over again. You have to remember this was before the time of Dan Brown – who’s books I would have definitely swapped another book for as I travelled around.

Even now with a family and my back packing days over, despite the times of kindles and e-books, I still pack a proper book that I can pick up when my power goes out or the sun is too bright. It doesn’t last me long but yet I still find places to swap the books: tourist information, villas, tours and even other travellers with families that enjoy reading.

Has my book choice changed? No I still love a crime, mystery, thriller or adventure that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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Cerys Parker

Cerys is a Guest Author at James Villa Holidays.

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