Cycling in Cyprus


Cycling In Cyprus: The Family-Friendly Choice


We’re taking another look at some of our favourite cycling routes for you to tackle on your James Villa holiday, having looked at the Algarve as the last destination. This time, we’re cycling in Cyprus. With a rich history, engaging culture and amazing mountainous landscape, Cyprus is the ideal location for a cycling holiday through nature.

The climate is fairly mild, and pine trees line the mountains, which are dotted with gorgeous vineyards. It’s a part of Europe that is well-suited to the cultured adventurer, as there’s loads to do on top of your chosen route. Many parts of Cyprus are famous for growing grapes, so when you’re taking a well-deserved rest, buy some locally-grown fruit and have a picnic with the family.

With its year-round warm weather, Cyprus has become a popular spot for British holiday goers, and it’s a safe bet if you want to take the family on holiday for some guaranteed sunshine. There are loads of options for cyclists, whether you’re after a serious road ride, or a leisurely jaunt with the family, the stunning landscape will provide the perfect backdrop for your trip.

Here are few cycling routes in Cyprus that you can do as little or as much of as you like:

Cycling Route in Cyprus

In our next edition of ‘What Kind of Holiday Cyclist Are You?’ we will be cycling through the destination of Mallorca, exploring picturesque beaches and some of the world’s largest underground lakes.


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