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Delicious Wines From Portugal


Portugal is a country abundant in wine regions, with the very best categorised under Denominação de Origem Controlada, or DOC. In total, there are 26 DOC classified wine regions across the country, from Southern Algarve to the sweet dessert wines of Porto. If you stay at one of our villas in Portugal you are bound to be only a short distance away from some of the best wineries the country has to offer. So, why not discover what the local vineyards have to offer on James Villa Holiday and sample some of Portugal’s delicious wines.

Algarve Region

The Algarve region is made up of four DOCs, Lagos, Portimão, Lago and Tavira; from the fruity, berry-flavoured reds of Lagos, to the citrus whites of Portimão, you’re bound to discover a wine you love. A popular winery to visit is Quinta do Francês, in Odelouca River Valley, where you can tour the stunning vineyards, experience how the winery works and sample the beautiful wines they produce.

Two of their popular wines include the Odeloucca white, which has apricot, melon and lemon notes, and the Quinta do Francês Syrah Terraços red, which has a peppery chocolate flavour with tobacco notes – great accompaniments to dining al fresco.

A vineyard in the Algarve

A vineyard in the Algarve

Lisbon Region

Lisbon, or Lisboa, is home to many DOC classified wine regions, from the dry, nutty flavoured wines of Carcavelos, to the robust red wines of Arruda, you’re sure to find a wine that suits your palette. There are a number of winery tours throughout the Lisbon region. Take a wine tour through the key areas, from Lisboa all the way to Guimarães, where you can sample the different grape varieties and even bring a bottle or two back to the villa with you.

Alternatively, if you just fancy relaxing at a great wine bar, you’ll be blown away by the choices available to you in Lisbon with wonderful places to unwind with a glass or two and watch the world go by.

Enjoy a glass of wine at a local wine bar.

Enjoy a glass of wine at a local wine bar.

Douro Valley & Porto Regions

Sheltered by the harsh coastal winds, the wines produced in the Douro Valley and Porto regions of Portugal are some of the best the country has to offer. The finest wines are produced in an area known as Douro Superior, where you’ll be able to sample glasses of the sweet dessert wine, port. On top of port, the two regions are also known for their production of crisp, light white wines and rich, burgundy reds, which means you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Apart from sampling the delicious wines available here, you’ll also have the chance to wander around the region’s stunning mountainous landscape, and lush green vistas.

A stunning view of the luscious Douro Valley

A stunning view of the luscious Douro Valley

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a wine connoisseur? Why not discover Portugal’s famous wines on a one of our villa holidays to Portugal.


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