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Does Dubrovnik top your bucket-list? Fondly known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, visitors are drawn to its jaw-dropping beauty.  A classic heartbeat meets a modern vibe and terracotta tones decorate charismatic white buildings. Seamlessly reflecting sunlight, they create a rugged patchwork vision. Combined with the majestic blue ocean against a backdrop of limestone mountains, you’ll be treated to an explosion of colour. Where will your Dubrovnik adventure take you?

Dubrovnik Old Town and City Walls

Weave your way through the captivating streets of Dubrovnik. Oozing a mystical atmosphere, the Old Town has preserved its rich medieval heritage with impressive elegance. Its cobbled streets are sprinkled with Baroque churches, monasteries, fountains and palaces. This magnificent architecture has earnt the status of UNESCO World Heritage site. Locals live in cosy terraces sat next to laid-back restaurants serving up culinary treats.

As you scuttle through bustling streets you’ll feel classic history with all your senses. The sound of local chatter fills the air. Evening glows are given extra zest, with Croatian spices oozing from freshly-cooked delights. Soak up the authentic atmosphere and witness everyday life in this Croatian wonder.

Cable Car

This iconic cable car adds a modern touch to treasured Baroque scenery. A ride up Mount Srd lets you hover above Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Admire the puzzle of greenery and classic buildings below, merging to create a birds-eye view of craggy perfection. Take in the sights stretching 60km over the horizon, as red roofs contrast with the blue sea. Perhaps you’ll head to the summit to admire a striking sunset as dusk settles? These are sights you’ll treasure fondly for years to come.

Game of Thrones

Walk in the footsteps of the King’s Landing, a fictional city in the fantastical ‘Game of Thrones’. Admiring the rising rocky buildings is a true treat, even if you’re not a fan of the show. Looking down onto winding walkways and curious courtyards, witness the mystery unravel before your eyes! You’ll be taken back in time as you step into the intriguing Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque influences within the city walls. Immerse yourself in a film scene of your own! You’re sure to feel a sense of delight as you delve into the history oozing from every corner. As the director of your holiday – make it a captivating fantasy in Dubrovnik.

Sea Kayaking

Fancy a sea adventure away from the bustle of the mainland? Treat your eyes to an unbeatable view of the Old Town – from a kayak! Float on the crystal waters of the Adriatic as you admire idyllic views of the shore. If you’re feeling adventurous, a full day trip takes you to the Elafiti islands of Lopud and Šipan. Even more adrenaline thrills await with snorkelling and swimming galore. Venture over to the island gem of Lokrum, delving into mysterious caves and nestled waterways. Feel the sea breeze brush past your face and savour your time at sea.


If you’ve got a relaxing holiday in mind, putting paddle to the metal probably isn’t your idea of fun! Daily ferry trips to Lokrum are a chilled alternative to a kayak quest. Peering in the distance from Dubrovnik Old Town, this emerald isle sits just 600m out to sea. Weave your way through its lush greenery of palms, eucalyptus, cacti and agave. Or perhaps you’ll spend time in the serenity of the Botanical Gardens? The green vegetation clashes impressively with the blue sky and shimmering turquoise sea. This little haven boasts its own piece of Croatian heritage, with an 11th century Benedictine Monastery capturing curious minds in the south.

Wine and Dine

Wine lovers rejoice! Croatia boasts some of the most desired wines in Europe, inspired by the variety of grapes it produces yearly. Over 100 types of the juicy fruit contribute to the irresistible flavours treating the palates of locals and visitors alike. From red to white to rosé, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you select the perfect complement to delicious delicacies. FestiWine is hosted every April in Dubrovnik, welcoming more than 100 regional winemakers to showcase their pride and joy. On a visit here, sip samples and admire superb aromas. A true tradition and pride flows from wine production in Dubrovnik, so pour a glass and immerse yourself in a tipsy taste sensation!

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Upbeat rhythms radiate through the Old Town during July and August. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a true treasured tradition spanning more than 60 years. The streets come alive with opera, music and dance events hosted at 70 open-air venues around the city. With a buzzing atmosphere complementing a summer glow, a visit here will be awash with joyful moments and memorable bliss. Stroll through the streets to the sound of classical notes and festive themes as you take in your rustic Baroque surroundings. The lively sounds and classic visions merge perfectly to create an alluring scene for your villa holiday.

Start your own Croatian adventure! History, mystery and mesmerising visions await. Discover our villas in Dubrovnik here.

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