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Europe’s Top 10 LGBT Friendly Destinations


Go from ‘destination unknown’ to ‘I didn’t know it was so LGBT friendly’! When you head off for your next holiday, you’ll want to feel relaxed, welcomed and able to truly be yourself. Based on data from Destination Pride, we’ve put together Europe’s 10 most friendly LGBT destinations. So clear some space on your travel bucket-list and get ready for a very warm welcome.

Europe's Top 10 LGBT Friendly Destinations

Breaking down the score

Each score you see is out of 100 and based on performance in the below areas. Destinations with scores of 71 and above have strong legal protection for the LGBT community and positive social media sentiment.

Flag breakdown of LGBT friendly destination criteria

Red – Marriage Equality

Is saying ‘I do’ easy for everyone in this destination?

Orange – Sexual Activity Laws

How well same sex relations are legally protected in that destination.

Yellow – Gender Identity Protection

Attitudes and legal stance on gender identity and gender expression.

Green – Anti-Discrimination Laws

The general level of legal protection, LGBT rights and housing and employment opportunities.

Blue – Civil Rights & Liberties

This shows if there are any additional legal rights for the LGBT community, such as laws about blood donation and military service.

Purple – Social Media Sentiment

Have those tweets, statuses and photo posts been positive or negative in the past 90 days.

With villas in the Canary Islands, Balearics, mainland Spain and France, you could soon be enjoying your own LGBT friendly getaway. All in the comfort and privacy of your home from home! A pool that you won’t have to share, a kitchen where you decide on dinner times – the freedom is all yours behind your villa doors.


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