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You’ll know the feeling all too well, your family getaway is creeping closer and the whole house starts to buzz with excitement! While you’re just grateful for a quiet week away from work, the little ones become big bundles of energy ready to have the most amazing adventure. With a villa holiday there’s unlimited swimming and splashing, but what if you had enough activities on your doorstep to finally wear those pint-sized holiday lovers out? Our family Holiday Resorts are just the ticket! It’s not all about your little ones though, there’s plenty for grown ups to enjoy! Sometimes you’ve just got to drop the kids at the crèche or kids club. Head for the spa, massage, recharge and enjoy some well-earned ‘me time’.

Sports for all ages

Football facilities at La Manga Holiday Resort

If your little ones are budding footballers, they’ll love practicing all those flicks, tricks and free kicks in our soccer schools! With a little expert advice, they might have perfected their passing and penalties by the end of the week. All that’s left is to pick your proud parent spot at the side of the pitch.

How about a little bit of sporty competition with the kids? Pick a resort with tennis courts and you could soon be rallying back and forth, desperately trying to come out on top! Holiday bragging rights are at stake you know. Or perhaps just early morning serving practice and light rallies after lunch sound more appealing? It’s all up to you – you’re the holiday umpire and making those all-important calls. In (to the restaurant for a bit to eat), out (for a little more fun in the sun!) – it’s time for a little family excitement.

We can’t promise the whole family will want to come along to the Golf course (it’s a bit of a sport for grown-ups isn’t it?), but why not escape for a quick nine holes? Or if your partner’s feeling particularly patient, enjoy the full 18! You’ll find golf courses on plenty of our Holiday Resorts, so it’s just a short walk from villa to tee.

Fun for Little Ones

Quinta do Paraiso Holiday Resorts Kids Club

Sociable little souls will absolutely love Holiday Resorts, with so many chances to make new friends! A playground pal as they queue for a slide, a splash buddy as they make the most of a communal pool or kids clubs amigos who loves getting stuck into all the activities on offer. And if your kids are under the age of three, you’ll find a crèche that gives you the chance for a little time to yourself. This is starting to sound like the kind of holiday where everyone leaves beaming ear to ear…

Great for Grown Ups Too

Large swimming pool at Pine Cliffs Holiday Resort in the Algarve

There’s nothing better than when the whole family’s having a great time together – these are the moments you’ll all remember long after your holiday! So grabbing a bike and tackling a trail is a two wheeled adventure the whole gang will absolutely love. Or you could simply ditch your wheels and take a leisurely stroll along a hiking trail?

Although sometimes you really do just need those precious few moments alone. Time to reflect, unwind and make sure you’re feeling zen for any potential tantrums. The spa is your holiday saviour. From hot stone massages to invigorating facials, there’s so many treatments that won’t cost a million dollars but will certainly leave you feeling like it!

Woman enjoying a massage at Vale do Lobo Holiday Resort Spa

With your villa kitchen you’ve got all the freedom to cook up those home favourites, the dishes that parents and little ones can’t get enough of. But what about those evenings when you just can’t be bothered to cook? Head for one of the resort restaurants and let the chefs work their culinary magic. With empty plates, full stomachs and everybody licking their lips – who knows if you’ll even cook again! Plus, nobody has to do the dishes. Your evenings just got even more relaxing…

Check out all the amazing facilities and locations of our Holiday Resorts, a villa holiday where there’s fun for all the family.

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