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Geocaching – The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt


Utter the word “Geocaching” and you might be met with some blank expressions. Describe it as “the world’s largest treasure hunt” however, and it’s suddenly sounding a lot more interesting. Geocaching has been around for a while, but it’s the Pokémon Go App that has made it mainstream. The original has devotees all of its own though and trying it out on holiday is a fun way for all the family to explore.

The Lingo

‘Cache’ – This is your treasure chest. It might be anything from an old camera film canister to a small lunch box. The smallest caches only have a piece of paper in for signing, while larger ones have items that your kids will enjoy collecting.

‘Log Book’ – A piece of paper or a small notebook (depending on the size of the cache).


Data Roaming Top Tips

Beware of pesky data roaming charges! When you’re on your villa’s free Wi-Fi save cache locations, the compass and clues to find and use when you’re offline. That way GPS doesn’t cost you anything, although you’ll need to use your mobile data to log your finds.

What You Need

– A smart phone with the Geocaching app. There’s a free version or a paid for subscription, which is more pricey as apps go, but it shows many more caches than the free one.

– A pen for writing in log books.

– Items for swapping, such as small toys (optional).

How To Play

1. Before you go on holiday, download the app and register as a player. The username you chose will be what you sign in the log books that you find.

2. Switch on your phone’s GPS and use the app to see the caches near you.

3. Once you’ve chosen a cache to find, follow the compass on the app to head to the location. When you’re very nearby (usually a few metres away), check out the clues and get searching!

4. When you’ve found the cache, sign your username and the date in the log book. If you take any of the “treasure” inside be sure to replace it with something of equal or greater value – this is where the small toys, or whatever, come in.

5. Put the cache back exactly how you found it and don’t forget to mark on your app that you’ve discovered it.

And The Reward?

Aside from the kudos of finding the treasure that is. Exploration, discovery, even fitness – but mainly fun! Geocaching can appeal to the young and the young at heart. Better still, what is a new and exciting experience on holiday could well become an ongoing family expedition back home

Extended family holidays are all the rage this year. With many different ages to entertain, geocaching is the perfect activity to bring everyone together. Choose a large villa for your group, download the geocaching app and go and explore the holiday destination together. Who knows what treasure you’ll find?

geocaching on holiday

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