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Going Away to Learn the Value of Home


When you are on holiday do you ever consider the thought of moving there for good as you are having such a wonderful time? The main character in Victoria Walters latest novel is contemplating exactly that, Victoria shares the thinking process behind this popular desire of holiday makers.

New York Times Square

“One of the only places I have been to on holiday that I would consider moving to is New York City. I was seduced by the impressive view every time I looked up at the shining skyscrapers, the vast array of shops, the plentiful food and the walk through Central Park. I was even charmed by the yellow cabs that make you feel like you’re taking your life in your hands when you climb in.

However, I think what I felt drew me to the city the most (apart from the amazing cupcakes!) was the familiarity of it. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I felt as if I knew the place already. I felt as if I was walking down a street I had walked down so many times before. It was as though I knew every building, every landmark, every shop already.

That’s why I think I loved the place so much – it felt like home. But as with any holiday romance, when you return home you start to realise that it was all bright lights and you start to question your ideas of moving because you were only there for a short time. I’m sure I would soon tire of the hustle and bustle if I moved there.

The Second Love of my life

In my novel The Second Love of my Life, my main character Rose goes on an art retreat miles from her home in Cornwall and, like me, imagines staying there and not returning home. But she soon realises where her heart truly belongs. As did I.

The first thing I did when I came home (after paying a fortune in a black cab!) was have a cup of tea. I couldn’t find one decent cup over there! I also had a cold from the flight home and my feet had blisters thanks to all the walking I did. I curled up on my sofa, put on one of my favourite films, You’ve Got Mail and marveled that I had just been in the city I had seen in so many films and TV shows. I was thrilled to have experienced it for myself, and relieved everything I bought fit in my suitcase. But, I always feel that one of the best things about going away, is that it reminds you of the value of home.”

Where does your heart belong? Could you easily move to another country or would you miss home too? THE SECOND LOVE OF MY LIFE has been described as ‘heart-breaking and heart-awakening’ by Lisa Dickensen and ‘a beautiful story – full of heart’ by Giovanna Fletcher. It’s available to buy now in paperback and ebook.


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