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Great Sunny Spring Getaways


Are you searching for some sunrays or longing for a bit of relaxation, then check out our list of the best destinations for some springtime sunshine. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach in Corfu, or exploring the forests of Cyprus, a last minute villa holiday in one of these four sunny destinations could be just the break you need to give you a spring in your step.


The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a stunning part of Italy that offers highs of up to 19°c during the spring season. For a taste of Sicilian history, visit the Valle dei Templi, or the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site that’s home to seven ancient Greek temples. One of the most preserved of the seven is Temple Concordia, which you can explore as the sun beams down.

If you’d prefer to relax in the sun with a good book, make your way down to Mondello Beach, where you can relax on the bright white sand, or walk through the gentle waves of the ocean.

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some fun, head over to the forests and parks close to the island’s Mount Etna. Have fun hiking over the valleys and through the towering trees, or enjoy a family picnic in the sun on one of the many wooden tables dotted around.

Temple Juno in Sicily

Explore Sicily’s past


With temperature highs of up to 23°c, it’s no surprise that Corfu is a popular island during the spring months. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful destination is with a horse trek through woodland and countryside. Trot past charming little villages, and admire the breathtaking views from the top of the hills.

If you’d prefer to walk, enjoy a hike to the village of Pelekas, which was once a popular haunt of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Located at one of the highest points is the Kaiser Throne, a viewing point that offers panoramic views of the rest of the island – the vistas are definitely worth the walk.

For somewhere relaxing and a place to enjoy the springtime sunshine, visit the postcard-perfect beach in the village of Kassiopi. Tiptoe through the crystal-clear turquoise water, unwind on the soft sand, or help your kids build sandcastles as the warmth of Corfu heats up.

View of Kassiopi from Pelekas

Take in the beautiful views from the high point


Between April and May, the average temperature of the Maltese island of Gozo reaches a glowing 23°c, making it a perfect destination for some springtime sunshine.

A charming and historical island, one of the first places you should visit is the Ġgantija Megalithic Temples, an archaeological site that is older than the Egyptian pyramids. Wander around this captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site, and admire the structural beauty of Gozo’s past.

If you can’t wait to make the most of the spring weather, get into your swimming costume, and swim in the water surrounding Xlendi Bay. The crystal-clear turquoise water is framed by jagged, white cliffs and is a great place to simply enjoy a relaxing swim or snorkel with your kids.

For some evening dining outside of your villa, make your way over to Xagħra Square, where you’ll find plenty of charming local restaurants to dine at.

Xlendi Bay in Gozo

Enjoy the turquoise waters of Xlendi Bay


During the spring, the temperature in Cyprus can reach an average of 26°c, with some highs reaching 30°c – the equivalent of a very hot summer back home. Where high mountains shrouded with green trees dominate the vast majority of land, exploring Paphos Forest is a great way of making the most of the glorious sunshine. Bring your camera along to capture the amazing views, as well as the beautiful wildlife that inhabit the woodland and skies.

Another way to enjoy the sun is by heading over to your nearest beach. Peaceful, serene and with clear-blue water, Pissouri Beach is perfect for those of you looking to unwind in the spring sunshine. From relaxing on the golden sand, to swimming in the warm sea, it’s the dream location for any sun worshipper.

Finally, be sure to make the most of the amazing Cypriot food on offer. Head down to one of the local markets and pick up some delicious ingredients to create your own Cypriot dishes back in your villa’s kitchen. Or, make your way to one of the nearby harbours, and dig into plates of freshly caught seafood.

A medieval bridge in Paphos forest, Cyprus

Discover the hidden treasures in the Paphos forest

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