An image of the Azure Window and Blue Hole.


A Guide To Gozo


Many of you might not have heard of Gozo, a small, beautiful island in the Maltese archipelago; well, that is until now. This little known gem is a hub of culture, history and amazing, fun things to do, and as such, it’s a great place to enjoy a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of life back home. A villa holiday with James Villas also ensures that you get to revel in the serenity and splendour of Gozo, at your own pace.

So, make your way to Gozo, take in the picturesque views and relish the captivating culture.


Situated on Dwerja Bay is the stunning Azure Window, a rock formation that provides onlookers with gorgeous views of Gozo’s coast. On top of the stunning scenery, the Azure Window is just a stone’s throw away from the popular diving spot, the Blue Hole. At 14-metres deep, and with wonderfully clear water, the Blue Hole makes for an eerie yet beautiful diving experience. With schools of parrot fish, damsel fish and tentacle-stretched octopuses, as well as an incredible coral garden, diving down in the depths of the Blue Hole is a must-do during your trip to Gozo.

If you’re not quite up to trying diving, why not give snorkelling a go? The stunning Blue Lagoon is just a 15-minute boat ride from Gozo’s Mgarr harbour, and is said to be one of the best places to go snorkelling in Malta. Also, if you’re travelling as a family, the shallow, clear water here makes for the perfect swimming spot for little ones.

Explore Gozo’s national shrine

Gozo is an island replete with many stunning churches, but the Ta’ Pinu Basilica is the Island’s most iconic, and is often referred to as Gozo’s national shrine. Ta’ Pinu Basilica is a towering, sand coloured building, surrounded by rolling green hills and countryside. As you make your way around this impressive church, you’ll notice the recently restored stained-glass windows and then the clean, stone interiors as you explore inside. The church is also said to have mysterious healing powers, with many visitors to the church reporting to have felt that they had been affected in some kind of spiritual way.

The Ta’ Pinu Basilica in Gozo

The Ta’ Pinu Basilica, amongst the surrounding fields.

Go shopping

Every morning, in the island’s capital city of Victoria, the Pjazza Indipendenza (or, Independence Square) provides locals and visitors with an open market. Clothes, vegetables, fruit and freshly caught fish are just some of the amazing products on offer at the market. Their local cheese, Gbejniet, is a definite must-try if you happen to come across some, as you meander in and out of the stalls.

Local cafes and restaurants also lay out their tables and chairs into the centre of the square, providing you with the perfect spot to sit down and relax for a bite to eat.

Local foods from Independence Square.

Local foods from Independence Square

Catch some rays

No holiday would be complete without the perfect beach, and in Gozo that can be found along Xlendi Bay. With warm, turquoise water and sandy white beaches, as well as the captivating cliffs that line Gozo’s coast, Xlendi Bay is the picture-perfect escape for those of you looking to unwind in the sunshine.

Once the sun has set, take a brief stroll along the bay to nearby restaurants and bars, and enjoy a mouth-watering evening meal with your loved ones.

Gozo's coastal feature, the Azure Window

Gozo’s stunning Azure Window.

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