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People from across the UK kick-started 2015 with big plans. From giving up vices to wanting to see more of the world, a grand total of 58% of us set ourselves New Year’s resolutions that we were determined to keep. But, with the 15th January fast approaching, it looks as though many of the New Year resolutioners are beginning to fall short of their promises.

For those of you that are set against being one of the 80% that falls by the wayside, we’ve worked together with John Norcross , the Professor of Psychology from the University of Scranton, to come up with top tips that will help you understand the ups and downs of resolutions, and how likely it is that you’ll succeed.

So, if you want to stick to that travelling promise of spending more time relaxing on beaches, wandering through local markets and hiking through breathtaking landscapes, make sure you take a note or two from our fascinating infographic!



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