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Hidden Gems of the Costa Blanca


Ever since the birth of the package holiday, the gorgeous weather and relaxing atmosphere of the Costa Blanca have attracted thousands of Brits a year. At James Villas, we understand the appeal of a holiday spent relaxing by the pool – but if you want to do more, this beautiful region of Spain is ideal for exploring, too. Here are just three of the stunning local spots we think you’d love to visit, each one a short journey from one or more of our Costa Blanca villas.

Arab baths, Elche

The Moorish occupation of Spain has left its mark on the Spanish language, food and culture, but it’s rare to find an example of Islamic public architecture that’s as beautifully preserved as this. The Baños Arabes were almost completely unknown outside Elche until they were finally opened to the public in 1998 – now they offer a unique insight into how the locals lived almost a thousand years ago. Located under a convent (the nuns have now moved out), the beautifully preserved stone bathhouse is a direct link to the Muslim traditions of purification which once formed a part of daily life throughout Spain.

A view of Altamira Palace and Parque El Palmeral in Elche

A view of Altamira Palace and Parque El Palmeral in Elche

Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden, Alfaz del Pi

Founded by two retirees who bought a large area of abandoned orange groves with the intention of building themselves a house and garden, this unique open-air art gallery is a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the coast. 800 metres of paths and walkways wind through the extensive gardens, which are planned so that every part of the year sees different flowers and shrubs in bloom. There are also more than twenty-five permanent sculptures, mostly in metal, with others always being swapped in and out for exhibitions.

La Cova Talla, Dénia

If your holiday isn’t complete without some time spent scrambling across rocks and hurdling streams, this is the perfect spot for you. The Cova Talla (sometimes Cova Tallada) is a huge open-sided cave that’s almost exactly at sea level, resulting in three very different environments – a watery entrance, a dry central space and a sandy tunnel up into the hillside. Keen eyes will spot the tool marks where tufa, a striking local variety of limestone, was quarried to build castles centuries ago. You can approach by land or sea, but be prepared for a good walk if you choose the dry route – this isn’t flip-flop territory.

The glow of the sun in a cave in Denia

The glow of the sun in a cave, Denia

We haven’t even touched on the amazing variety of restaurants, bars and seaside activities to be found along the Costa Blanca, because we’re sure you’ll find them out for yourself! If you’re considering a Spanish seaside holiday for your next trip abroad, have a look at some of our villas in Costa Blanca – you’ll be amazed by what you can find nearby.


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