How to_build a sandcastle


How To Build The Perfect Sandcastle


‘Sand in Your Eye’ can create almost anything out of sand! Their sculptures, sand drawings and table top sculptures have been commissioned all over the world. Here, the ‘Sand in Your Eye’ team share some of the tricks of the trade with us. Follow their step-by-step guide to building the most impressive sandcastle on the beach this summer.

How to build a sandcastle


Make a large mound of sand with a spade to create a volcano shape. Gather up the edges of the volcano to make a lip.


Pour lots of water inside! Very quickly before the water disappears, use your fingers to quickly tap the sand to make vibrations. This helps the water travel through the whole of the volcano.
Once the water has been absorbed, repeat if required until the whole base becomes solid. You now have the foundations for your sand castle.

How to build a sandcastle

Image courtesy of Sand in Your Eye


Slowly build up layers of very wet sand to make the towers. To do this, put some sand into a bucket of water and, once the sand is very wet, scoop it out and place it in position (quickly, before the water drains away).

While building up the towers, gently tilt the stack to one side so the water drains out and the sand hardens. Repeat this process until the tower is as tall as you would like, stabilising with your hand as you build up.

TOP TIP: Make several towers of different heights for an impressive sandcastle!


Now the exciting part – carving your sandcastle! A shatterproof, bendable ruler makes the ideal carving tool to shape and cut towers, make walls, buildings and steps. Simply hold the ruler on both ends and use the edge to cut the sand downwards.

TOP TIP: Always cut into the sand, moving away from the sandcastle edges, or parts of the sculpture could fall away.


Ready to add the all-important final touches? With a ruler and a wooden knife, add fine detailing such as windows, brickwork and stairs. The more time you spend crafting these details, the more impressive your sandcastle will look.
You can even add some more sand onto your sculpture to make battlements. To do this, place some more very wet sand onto something flat, such as a piece of wood. Once you have added a few layers and the sand has hardened, with your ruler cut the sand along the top and neaten the sides to make a perfect block, much like a bar of chocolate. Slice the block into sections to create cubes, carefully removing them from the block, one by one, and adding them to your sandcastle.

How to build a sandcastle

Image courtesy of Sand in Your Eye


Take a step back and admire your handy work!

Don’t forget to take the obligatory photo of what is surely the best sandcastle on the beach this summer! Take a look at some of ‘Sand in Your Eye’s’ sculptures for some inspiration before you go.

Now you are fit to be King of the Sandcastles with our How to guide, all that remains is to find the perfect villa by the beach!

How to build a sandcastle


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