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Malta and Gozo are a treat for all your senses. These islands glitter away in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily. They’re teeming with colourful towns, striking sandy beaches and iconic historical sights. Capture these island gems on camera, as you admire the stunning scenery.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. They are snapshots of precious moments in time, reminders of soon to be treasured memories. Sharing your captures with the world is rewarding and thrilling, giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Social media lets you share your story with the world – your memory book for amazing moments.

So why not cause a social media stir, by visiting some of Malta and Gozo’s most mesmerising sights?


Shining as Malta’s capital, Valletta has a classic 16th century feel. The UNESCO World Heritage site is home to vintage buildings such as St John’s Co-Cathedral, one of Europe’s best baroque sights. The narrow and colourful streets are perfect for exploring and discovering little local cafés. The culture and atmosphere will strike you and leave you inspired to share your story with others, so get snap happy in the wonderful Maltese capital!

Comino and the Blue Lagoon

An Instagrammer’s dream. Picture dazzling blue waters against a backdrop of a turquoise sky. The vast lagoon stretching along the coast of Comino Island – it’s simply picture-perfect! Stroll alongside the calm waters or cool off with a refreshing swim. The area’s stunning nature has been showcased in famous films such as Helen of Troy. Why not take snapshots of your own story at one of Malta’s finest natural wonders?

Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

A small yet vibrant fishing village sits in south eastern Malta. The daily market draws in locals and visitors alike. Its selection of restaurants serve up tempting fresh dishes and cooling tipples for you to enjoy. View the picturesque scene of the harbour with quirky little boats bobbing on the ocean’s surface. They’re colourfully decorated with the traditional eye of Osiris, a design which dates back to 800BC. Cafés and eateries are strewn along the pathways surrounded by market stalls selling the daily catch! This charming spot will leave you in awe of this wonderful country.

The Blue Grotto

One of Malta’s most captivating sights sits in the southern sea. The Blue Grotto’s limestone arch takes the limelight, even among the towering cliffs. See Filfla, a miniature island located five kilometres out at sea. Reflections from the water give the inside of the caves an impressive colourful glow which you can admire by boat.

Ta’Kola Windmill

This celebrated windmill is a true icon of Maltese history, dating back to the knight’s period of 1725. Weather permitting, local villagers would approach the windmill to grind their grain to flour. The building is striking from the outside, but the real history lies within. You’ll find a workshop and tools inside, thought to have been manufactured by the last miller to live in the mill. A visit here gives you a real insight into traditional rural life on Gozo, as well as providing a unique view of history for the perfect photo souvenir.

Xlendi Bay

On Gozo’s west coast you’ll find the beautiful Xlendi Bay. It may be small, but this is a bustling area with plenty to do. And it’s probably best enjoyed by sea. If you’re tempted in by the alluring waters, there are spots to swim, snorkel or simply paddle. The area has bright reef formations which can be admired by scuba diving, with a chance to capture a shot of sea life beneath the surface. On the shore, tiers of pretty buildings create a rugged picture overlooking a selection of Greek bars and restaurants. Relax and take in the chilled atmosphere of this Maltese masterpiece.

Ġgantija temples

Gozo boasts another UNESCO World Heritage site! These impressive temples have been staggeringly preserved for you to admire on your Gozo getaway. Travel back in time as you stroll around the coralline limestone rocks. The hard nature of this material has contributed to the remarkable condition you’ll find it in today. This astonishing early architecture is based upon a hill in central Gozo, meaning panoramic views of the island await from the top. Witness 5,500 years of history, with a breathtaking natural backdrop – where better to add to your memory card of amazing snaps?

Ramla Bay, Gozo

Glistening red sands shine below the deep blue sky on one of Malta’s most stunning beaches. A curved bay sits where rocky land meets the shore in this part of Xaghra. Admire the beautiful horizon from the comfort of a local ice cream store. Savour the moment as you capture a pure beach shot for your holiday album.

Ta’ Pinu Basilica church

Another classical gem lies in the west of Gozo. This church oozes history and the building is treasured by locals. Its existence can be tracked back as early as 1534, and was a centre of pilgrimage in the 1800s. Stunning both inside and out, it contributes to Malta and Gozo’s rich history. It stands proud as a shrine and religious symbol, and would make a wonderful addition to your holiday itinerary.

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