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Italy’s Best Local Markets


When it comes to a villa holiday, immersing yourself in the local culture is often key to getting the most out of your time away. The best way to do this is by exploring the local markets, which are often just a stone’s throw away from your villa. To help you get inspired for your trip to Italy, we’ve put together a list of three of the top local markets, exploring where’s best for food, and where you can grab a bargain. So, get your shopping bags at the ready, and start mapping out your market route today.

San Benedetto Market, Sardinia

Located in the city of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, the San Benedetto market is the best place for buying great-tasting local produce in this historic area. Renowned for its top fish counters, this market is alive with hollering fishmongers, who spend their days slicing and scaling hundreds of freshly caught fish. They also offer up iced seafood, which is often served up with slices of lemon, and even in the form of sushi.

On top of the great fish selection, this wonderful food market is home to a range of fruit and veg stalls, as well as local cheese counters and the odd butchers, which offer up succulent cuts of meat. Once you’ve filled your bags with plenty of goodies, head back to your villa to create some delicious Sardinian dishes.

Fresh fish at a local market

Explore the markets and pick up some delicious fresh fish to barbecue back at your villa.

La Vucciria, Sicily

One of the most popular outdoor markets in the Sicilian city of Palermo, La Vucciria is a charming collection of stalls that cover the narrow streets of this part of Palermo. On top of the amazing fresh fish, seafood, and meats, there are also stalls offering up warm and deliciously scented pots of Sicilian food, which you can enjoy as you sit and watch the world go by.

Bite on a freshly-picked peach as you wander through the maze of market stalls, or ask the butcher for a cut of ribs and some sausages, so that you can enjoy a barbecue at your villa later in the day.

Locally made cheeses at a market

Enjoy sampling the local cheeses at the San Lorenzo Market in Florence

San Lorenzo Market Day, Florence

The San Lorenzo Market in Florence is a bustling centre for food, clothes and souvenirs, which is made up of two separate parts, the indoor Mercato Centrale and the outdoor stalls. In the Mercato Centrale, you’ll have the chance to buy local cheeses, handmade pastries, freshly caught fish and even wine, which is served by sommeliers.

In the outside market, you’ll be able to peruse the many pieces of clothing and leather goods on sale, from beautiful dresses to hand-crafted bags and purses. There are also many stalls that sell charming souvenirs, which often make the perfect presents for family and friends back home.

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