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Looking After Your Skin On Holiday


We all love that healthy, sun-kissed glow a touch of summer sun can give us. We also know that it’s important to protect our skin on holiday. What some of us don’t know however, is just why the sun’s rays can be harmful and how we can take care of our skin while still getting a gentle bronzing (rather than lobster-esque redness we Brits seem to have a reputation for). That’s why here at James Villas we’ve teamed up with our friends at Simply Beach to break down the science and bring you a simple guide to looking after your skin on holiday.

Looking After Your Skin On Holiday

We hope this helps! But if your tan is currently out of a bottle and you want to stretch out the summer sun a little longer, we can help with that too – there’s always a great late deal to be had.


Sally is a Digital Acquisition Manager at James Villa Holidays.

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