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James Villas

Meet Our 2018 Blogger Ambassadors


We’re extremely excited to be able to announce our 2018 Blogger Ambassador Programme! We’re teaming up with seven brilliant bloggers, who’ll be bringing you fascinating insights into the world of villa holidays over the next 12 months. All with their own unique twist! So who are our 2018 Ambassadors? Well, firstly they’re bloggers with a real passion for their craft. Read just a handful of sentences and you’ll see their zest for adding amazing posts for their readers to enjoy. And just like James their blogs are brimming with character, more than just a pinch of personality and some magnificent images. Why don’t you meet them for yourself?

Five Adventurers

Five Adventurers, a family blogging from the North of England

Five Adventurers are a British family living in the North of England and their blog documents their travels across the globe and closer to home. Their blog began as a way of recording and remembering all the trips and adventures they make, hoping one day for it to be their way of staying in touch with family and friends. They love to travel and have been lucky to explore lots of the world since marrying in 2006.  Travelling with their little adventurers in tow has been as rewarding and enjoyable as any of the trips they’ve taken before. Seeing the world through the eyes of even the youngest of adventurers brings the magic most adults fail to see.

Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Eulando and Omo, Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Eulanda and Omo are co-founders of Hey! Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI); a platform that shines a spotlight on global travel and food culture. Their creative digital content makes digesting all their amazing posts a real treat for the eyes. And all the other senses too! This is their pursuit to make the industry more accessible to consumers, working with influencers and creating stronger B2C brand awareness. Using their skills in writing, photography, branding and management consulting, they’ve mastered the art of creating compelling content for food and travel.

Life With Boys

Kirsty and her son, from Life With Boys blog

Life With Boys is a family lifestyle blog documenting one mama’s journey with a toddler and camera-shy dad. Based in rainy Scotland, Kirsty shares the realities of family life, first time parenthood and travel with a toddler – which is not always straight forward! A writer, photographer, trip co-ordinator  (and the one who stresses when things don’t go to plan), she has created an online space to share her experiences, stories and life with her two boys – partner Jordan and son Harrison. Two years later, that online space is still going strong. With Life With Boys you can expect ordinary moments, exciting travels, complete transparency and an array of hats thrown in for good measure (it is cold in Scotland after all).

Mudpie Fridays

Clare and family in front of Leaning Tower of Pisa, from Mudpie Fridays blog

Meet Clare, wife and working mum to two boys, Monkey who is 5 and half and Kipper who is twenty months old. Mudpie Fridays is a parenting and travel blog, documenting the balancing act of parenthood and adventuring both in the UK and abroad. Packed with inspiration for working parents that are trying to find a balance between corporate and home lives. Offering tried and tested parenting tips and tricks, suggestions on days out and holidays as well as quick and simple activity and craft ideas. Mudpie Fridays is all about making sure family time is full of fun.

Mummy Barrow

Tanya aka Mummy Barrow, award winning UK blogger

T has been blogging as Mummy Barrow for seven years now and finds she now introduces herself as Mummy Barrow to people she meets for the first time! A mother of three, T has dabbled in everything from being a nanny to property management to being a PA. Today you’ll find Mummy Barrow blogging full time from her home in Hampshire. She also fulfilled a bit of a dream in 2017 by creating her own gin, not a life long dream as she hated the stuff five years ago. But once the idea of creating it was in her head, there was no stopping her.

T’s blog has taken her to Africa with Comic Relief several times, given her family cars to test drive, a kitchen full of gadgets, and the FA cup in their lounge for a day.


Beth, also known as Twinderelmo - a UK family and lifestyle blogger

Beth is a 30-something, stay at home parent based in Shropshire, living with her husband, nine year old son Charlie and four year old identical twin daughters. Twinderelmo is a parenting and lifestyle blog founded in 2013 and documents the real life side of parenting with a good dollop of humour and sarcasm in for good measure.

The Unlikely Dad

Tom, The Unlikely Dad - a family blogger from the UK

Meet Tom, The Unlikely Dad – 33 and father to his wonderful son. An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad. Meeting his (now) husband when he was just 17, they’re still going strong 15 years later – despite the challenges of college, various career moves, flat and house moves. It was when the age of 30 started creeping up that Tom knew he wanted to be a dad, likening it to that moment women are known to have… you know, when their body clock just ‘PINGS!’.

Tom and Daniel embarked on their adoption journey and nine months later, they saw a photo of their baby boy. He was 10 months old and they knew they were looking at their son – in that moment life changed forever. Tom shares his stories of real dad life, hopefully showing you that we’re all in this together.

Gary Stringer

Gary Stringer is a SEO Content Executive at James Villa Holidays.

I love to travel and I love to write - so I'd like to think I've found the perfect job!...

See all articles by Gary Stringer

See all articles by Gary Stringer

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