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On holiday with… Nadia Sawalha


Leading TV personality and Loose Woman, Nadia Sawalha, took a break from her busy schedule to take a James Villas holiday with her husband, two teenage daughters and parents. We caught up with Nadia fresh off the plane to chat all about her week at La Manga Club Resort in Costa Calida…

Nadia Sawalha of Loose Woman

Why a villa holiday?

We always choose a villa because we holiday with the whole family. From the privacy to not worrying about how much noise you made by the pool – and even the cooking. I love cooking! I get tired of eating the same hotel food day after day, you always want something different. So there’s just a million reasons why we always go villa!

What’s the deciding factor when you’re booking a holiday?

We have to have good weather, a good sized pool and attractions nearby like a beach! Oh, and we love great food!

Do you prefer discovering new places or enjoy returning to a much loved destination?

We love to go all over the place but Spain is a bit of a favourite! We come here a lot when we are travelling with the whole family because it’s great for both older and younger members. We love America and are yearning to go to Greece this year! But we never go back to the same villa as we like to try out new ones.

How did you pick your villa for this holiday?

Villa Cypress at La Manga Holiday Resort, Costa Calida

We chose Villa Cypress because we had heard of La Manga. You’ve got everything here – shops, restaurants, tennis, golf to indoor and outdoor pools. And the climate here is fantastic too. Even at the end of May there wasn’t a drop of rain – it was gorgeous!

A stay in a villa, on a holiday resort, really means you don’t have to worry about anything. La Manga, has a bank, has a doctor, has a pharmacy, has a supermarket, has tons of restaurants, –everything you could imagine and yet we have our own little oasis! We had our own pool, kitchen, sitting room and the bedrooms. I’ve never really stayed in a villa on a resort before but I would certainly do it again! It’s great when you’re travelling with different age groups.

What makes travelling with the whole family so special for you?

We live really busy lives back home in London and, even though we see a lot of each other, there’s always something we have to shoot off to do. On holiday it was just us talking, laughing, having fun in the pool, eating together. The most precious memories are always made on holiday for us!

Beach day or by the pool?

The kidney bean shaped swimming pool at Villa Cypress at La Manga Holiday Resort, Costa Calida

We did spend two half days at the beach. But after a while we like the fact we could just go back to the villa and private pool!

Any tips for dining on a villa holiday?

We liked finding eateries off the beaten track and enjoyed eating on the resort too. But most of all we like to go to the markets to buy fresh produce, from Spanish pork and grilled vegetables, salads and bread to take back for barbecues. We love eating as local people would – it’s a really big part of our holiday!

Did you explore Costa Calida?

We took a day trip to Cartahena and saw the historic walls and submarines. The best part of the trip was when my husband, Mark, discovered an undisturbed cove with the most perfect restaurant selling freshly caught fish!

Favourite bit of the holiday?

Oh definitely just hanging out with the family, cooking and eating, swimming, and lying around enjoying those lovely quiet moments together. Also, the barbecues and days out at the beach…it was all fantastic!

Any tips for making the most of a villa holiday?

A selection of Instagram Stories taken from Nadia Sawalha's personal Instagram, detailing her holiday with James Villa Holidays

Make it your home! Stock up the fridge, go to the markets, try the local produce and just relax! Settle in and make the place your own, you really will have one of the best holidays of your life…

If you’re feeling inspired by Nadia’s holiday to Costa Calida, why not get planning your very own villa holiday?

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