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Protect Your Eyes on Holiday


Whether you’re looking for a holiday in 2020 or after 2020 vision during your getaway – make sure to keep your eyes in tip top condition when in the sun.

From an early age we are taught to look after our skin in the sun, and it shouldn’t be any different for our eyes. So, when picking the perfect pair of sunnies for your holiday, follow these top tips to make sure your eyes are shielded from all types of UV light.

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No matter what factor of suncream you choose, UVA and UVB protection ensures you are covered from both burning (UVB) and longer term issues (UVA). And when picking your pair of sunglasses to rock on holiday these factors also need to be taken into account to make sure your eyes are shielded from all UV light.

The skin around your eyes is important to protect – especially if you don’t want to get panda-like tan lines! So keep your face topped up with suncream throughout the day as skin is thinnest around the eyes and therefore more prone to sun damage.

And it’s not just your skin which burns! A dark pair of sunglasses doesn’t necessarily equal high levels of protection, however fashionable they are. Look for the CE and the British Standard BS EN 1836:2005 marks to ensure you’ve chosen a pair with adequate UV protection. This will help to avoid sore and red eyes and even photokeratitis, otherwise known as ‘sunburn of the eye’.

If you have extra sensitive eyes, go one step further with polarised sunglasses for extra protection. They reduce glare from glass and water, and help to filter out reflected light making gorgeous sea views all the more beautiful.

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Now we’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to pick some fun shades for your upcoming holiday! From aviators to cat eyes – there are so many styles to choose. Pick a pair that sit comfortably on your face and which aren’t too loose as there’s nothing worse than buying a favourite pair and them leaving marks or even worse, they fall off when you’re jetting off!

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, ask your optician about prescription sunglasses to ensure you’ll spend your sun-filled holiday with clear and protected vision. For contact lens wearers, remember to take spares and plenty of solution to make sure they stay in perfect shape.

With a bit of thought put into choosing your holiday eyewear, you can be both stylish and protected, meaning because of your shades, you’ll be protected even out of the shade!

Keep your eyes in tip top shape and you’ll be able to take in even more amazing sights and views on your dream villa holiday.


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