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Say No to Plastic


We’re all guilty of using plastic when we’re on holiday. It might be convenient, but a reluctance to be more plastic savvy leaves a huge mark on the world we live in. So let’s all take positive social and environmental actions on holiday and say no to plastic!

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel after a week in the sun having helped to save the planet! Here’s a few tips to make you a greener holidaymaker, by reducing plastic use on holiday.

Pack a tote/canvas bag

Colourful canvas back against a blue back drop

We all like to do a bit of shopping when we’re on holiday, whether it’s picking up local ingredients or selecting souvenirs for people back home. Take your own canvas bag instead of using the plastic ones provided! You won’t only be using less plastic, you’ll have a sturdy sack so you can grab more snacks. And with no fear of your items falling out the bottom, these bags are a win, win!

You won’t find a plastic bag with a nice pattern or design either! But with canvas carriers coming in all colours and styles, you’re sure to make a fashion statement with one of these on your arm! Having plenty of room to fit more in will make these bags the must-have accessory for any holiday outing.

Shop at local markets

Selection of colourful fruits on market stall

Come get your fruit here! Unless you speak the local lingo you’ll have to imagine this is what they’re calling out as you wander through the market stalls, but you’ll probably be drawn in by the colours and aromas before you even hear anything. Food contained in plastic can deny you from smelling the delicious scents but at local markets that’s no issue. Buy your fruit and vegetables free from plastic packaging, making them fresher, tastier and a pleasure for the senses! Giving support to these small local businesses also allows others to enjoy these delights in the future or if you choose to return.

Pick up beach litter

Clean beach with bins

Imagine soaking up those glorious holiday rays and someone else’s crisp packet blows past your head, nobody wants that! But if we all do our bit to keep the beach litter-free no one has to face this prawn-cocktail dilemma. Sunbathing in cleaner surroundings means the breathtaking views are undisturbed from clutter, and your beach holiday snapshots are sure to be unspoilt. Let’s also spare a thought for the creatures who call the sea their home and the positive effect it would have on their environment.

Keep the plastic bag from your hand luggage liquids

Selection of travel toiletries in clear bag in suitcase

We’re all excited when our holiday starts and the temptation to unpack can sometimes be too much! As you settle in, remember to keep hold of the plastic bag you used on the plane journey. You can re-use it for your hand luggage liquids on the way home too – one less piece of plastic to worry about. By keeping the bag, you’re also prepared if they’re not provided at the airport. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

The final straw…

Sign not to use plastic straws

Say no to plastic straws! This may not be the first thing you’d consider when sipping your cocktails at the local bar but from now on every time you grab a drink you’ll be making a difference! You’ve used your last one – just think how much plastic you’d save. You’ll enjoy the taste of the delicious beverage more without drinking it through a straw!

Ge ready to find your perfect villa, and put all these tips to good use.

Alice Allwright

Alice Allwright is a Marketing Communications Executive at James Villa Holidays.

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See all articles by Alice Allwright

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