Sun rising over Provence lavender field


Sunrise to Sunset


The sun rises over the balcony each morning, and dips behind the pool at night. Each marks something special – the start of a sun-filled day of opportunities, or the end of one that’s been spent creating holiday memories. The sunrise and sunset is an unchangeable thing of beauty, and it’s what you do in-between that counts. But whether you’re relaxing at your villa or in a carefully chosen spot to make the most of the view, stop and take a moment to reflect on the day ahead or the one that’s just gone.


Hop out of bed and put the kettle on – your morning cuppa is about to enjoy a serious upgrade! What better way to start the day than taking in a beautiful sunrise, all from the privacy of your villa? Grab a seat by the pool, on the terrace or even on a balcony and watch the sun light up your surroundings. In the peace of your home from home, you can truly take in all those sights and sounds that mark the start of the day!

Coffee cup and camera sitting on a table at sunrise

Once a villa sunrise is ticked off your list, it’s time to set your alarm, grab your camera and get down to the beach! Peeking out from behind the sea, as the sun rises it lights up those blue waves and golden sands in the most glorious glow. Colours well worth capturing and a memory that lives long in the mind.

Sunrise over a golden beach on Formentera, the Canary Islands

So, what next? How about finding a spot where the sun catches historic monuments in the perfect light? Heading for those famous sights as the day breaks is the perfect way to beat the crowds too! So you can truly appreciate the architectural flair and fascinating stories lit up by those morning rays. Start your day in style and enjoy a little peace and quiet in the process.

The sun rising above the historic monuments of Valletta, Malta


Sun setting over the golden sand dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

The sands don’t just look beautiful in the sunrise, sunset adds a different glow to their grainy surfaces. Equally as beautiful and just as memorable, a beach sunset is perfect for those who like to sleep in! And with comfortable beds and peaceful surroundings, we can’t blame you for enjoying a lie in.

Alhambra Palace in the golden glow of sunset, Spain

And those monuments look just as beautiful as the sun goes down too! You might find a few more people visiting than you would at sunrise, but sometimes the excitement of those around us is brilliantly infectious.

Sun setting over the sea from Villa Anesis, Kefalonia

What a way to end the day! Watching the sunset in your villa, surrounded by your loved ones – you’ll struggle to find a feeling that matches this. The sense that another wonderful day has ended, with the excitement of tomorrow still ahead of you. As the setting sun lights up the pool and adds a golden tint to the horizon, you’ll truly appreciate your home from home.

Whether you’re an early riser or a sunset lover, it’s time for you to find the perfect villa and amazing destination.

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