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How to Take the Best Holiday Snaps


Capturing those special memories is incredibly important while on holiday, whether it’s catching the moment your youngest dives into the pool for the first time, or when you take the time to photograph the breathtaking views whilst out on a romantic walk. We know that not all of us are gifted photographers, but with the help of this handy guide, we’re sure you’ll be taking amazing photos in no time at all. So, grab your camera of choice, and start practising for your next James Villas holiday in the sun.

Prep your camera

To make sure your camera is in tip top shape to take the photos you deserve, prepare your equipment by following these simple rules:

1. There’s nothing worse than dust particles and water patches showing up on your beloved prints, so make sure you clean your lens before you start snapping away. Any marks or dirt on the lens will show up on the end photo, so pack a micro-fibre cloth to wipe it clean.

2. Bring along plenty of memory cards to your villa. They’re perfect for storing all of your high-quality photos, and the extra ones will be a god send when your first one runs out.

3. If your camera is new, remember to practise at home. Many cameras have all sorts of features, and you don’t want to waste time learning about those during your holiday. So, be prepared, get all of the manual reading out of the way, and start practising around your home and garden.

4. This one’s not really prep for your camera, but a good idea all the same. Before you leave, make sure you invest in a waterproof camera case. They’re perfect for when your kids are skipping precariously past your belongings, as you relax beside the pool.


Photographing a quaint town at dusk

Photographing a quaint town at dusk

5 Top tips

If you usually struggle with lighting, composition or blurred photographs, then following these top photography tips will help you capture picture perfect photos of your time away.

1. If you find that your photos always turn out blurred, it could be because you’re not holding your camera correctly. With larger cameras, such as SLRs, we’d recommend holding the grip with your right hand, and supporting the bottom with your left. With smaller cameras, support each side with both of your hands, or invest in a small tripod to reduce movement altogether.

2. A great way to help with focusing and getting the shot just right, is by only half pressing down on the shutter button when taking the photo. This allows the lens to focus onto a clearer image for capturing an overall better picture.

3. For photographing the moment your kids jump into the pool, click on the button of your camera that has three squares. This will produce continuous shooting, making sure every hop, skip and leap is captured.

4. Check the settings. Whether you’re taking photos at night or photos of the pool during the day, you’re going to need different settings for varying times. Make sure yours are on the mark by preparing the setting before you start shooting.

5. Get the composition right. This could mean getting the correct balance of objects in your photo, or making sure you don’t cut the top of someone’s head off when taking a photo.


Brother and sister playing in a pool at their villa.

Capturing that family moment when the kids are playing in the pool

If you can’t wait to start snapping away, be sure to take a look at all of our beautiful destinations, where you are sure to find not only the perfect villa, but a great location for some amateur photography.


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