The Great Destination Bake Off


Summers are about two things – escaping to the sun on holiday, and a certain favourite television programme returning to our screens. You know, the one that gets us craving sweet things and even attempting to make them in our own kitchens!

Desserts are best sampled in their place of origin, to truly experience the taste as it should be before trying to recreate them at home. So for those with a sweet tooth, here are some of our favourite desserts that you simply must try while staying in one of our destinations.

Honey Baklava, Greece


Baklava is the ultimate sticky and sweet indulgence. Sheets of filo pastry are stuffed with nuts and glisten with the honey that brings it all together.

Trays of Baklava can be found in shops all over Greece and its islands. After a day of exploration, pick up a few of these bite-sized pieces for a scrumptious snack – there are hundreds of filling variations to sample.

Baklava’s history isn’t certain, with Cyprus and Turkey also claiming to be the original home of this delicious dessert. So if you are staying with James Villas in another of these destinations, don’t forget to try their take on Baklava.

Churros, Spain


More of a donut fan? Churros are a popular Spanish treat made from deep-fried golden choux pastry mixture, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a side of warm melted chocolate.

Mouthwatering Churros have an almost crisp, warmly spiced outer layer with a soft bread-like centre, while the use of a star-shaped pipping nozzle makes grooves, which collect the chocolate when coated.

Stop by a dedicated Churreria while exploring Spain’s picturesque towns, or order them for dessert in a restaurant.

Heading to Spain in the milder months? Churros are often enjoyed by locals with a hot chocolate, so you can go ahead and dip the finger -shaped treats straight into the warm liquid. Sheer bliss!

Key Lime Pie, Florida

key lime pie

Zingy and refreshing, Florida’s Key Lime Pie is made of the fruits that grow so effortlessly in the Sunshine State, served up chilled in a suitably large American helping!

Set your taste buds tingling with its wonderfully light texture, made up of a crumbly biscuit base, zesty lime filling and a creamy or meringue top.
Children will love the tangy burst from the tart lime layer. It has the wonder of a fizzy sweet hitting the palate, all wrapped up in enough delicious sweetness to create the perfect flavour balance.

If you’ve tasted Key Lime Pie elsewhere, it won’t compare to a slice in Florida. Most restaurants feature it on the menu so you can end a day of fun in Orlando or on the Gulf Coast on an even sweeter note.

B’Stilla, Marrakech


Marrakech is a maze of undiscovered treasures. Be prepared to stumble across unusual sights, smells and tastes – its desserts are no exception.

The very special B’stilla pie is reminiscent of traditional Fassi (Fez) cuisine now found all over Morocco. Layers of paper-thin pastry encase a blend of almonds and eggs spiced with saffron, cinnamon, coriander and pigeon meat. Icing sugar and more cinnamon are dusted over the pie to finish, creating a blend of sweet and savory flavours.

A holiday to Marrakech is all about new experiences, so step outside of your comfort zone and try a piece – you’ll be surprised at how tasty it is!

B’stilla is best enjoyed al fresco at one of the restaurants by the famed Jemaa el-Fnaa Medina bazaar. Wash it down with a traditional mint tea and watch the spectacle of the market unfold – a unique feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Stracciatella, Italy


Step inside an Italian Gelateria and you’ll enter an Aladdin’s cave, with rows upon rows of silver tubs, filled with the most delicious ice cream.

You can guarantee a passionate Gelateria owner will be behind the counter, ready to assist you in piling your cone high with beautiful flavours, from indulgent chocolate to traditional Sicilian lemon. One of the best is Stracciatella – which sounds wonderfully Italian, doesn’t it?

Creamy and delicious, Stracciatella derives from the word straccia, which means “a little shred”. You’ll find shreds of chocolate in all different sizes sprinkled into the milky based ice cream – an irresistible combination.

Are you a gourmet who likes to explore the tastes and flavours of the country you are visiting? Take a look at our gastronomic destinations and start to map your next food trail.


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