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The Little Things That Make A Big Holiday


Here at James Villas we know that happiness matters, and that’s not all. Family matters, freedom matters, privacy and comfort both matter, and most importantly, your holiday really, really matters. That’s why we take care of every little thing, so you don’t have to. You could say that we take the emphasis off planning a holiday and onto living one.

The beauty of the ‘little things’ is, you might not always even realise they’re there, but you would certainly miss them if they weren’t! Behind the scenes each and every member of the James team is working to take care of the little things that make up your big holiday. Here is a glimpse at what they had to say…

Playing on the beach

Something seemingly small can be built into something bigger and more beautiful – just like the little things on a James Villas holiday!

“When I’m out of the office visiting villas, particularly when seeing one for the first time, I always try to get to know the owners and their families. I really enjoy cultivating that bond between them and James Villas, so they feel they are part of the “James Villas Family”, not just a number or a name. It really helps us have a smooth and harmonious working relationship ticking along behind the scenes and makes the owners willing to go that extra mile for us, which is ultimately a big benefit to our guests. It also means that I can encourage them to look at ways to improve their villa year on year, adding little extras that the holidaymakers who return there notice and appreciate.” – Christina, Contractor

James Villas Contractor

The Contractors at James Villas visit each and every villa and forge strong relationships with the owners.

“I work at our Bluewater store and I get to spend that little bit of extra time with our customers, showing them on the internet more about the area they are looking at, using the maps to see an aerial view of the villa and using Street View. It makes them feel like they know the place before they even get there. If they have a question about the villa or the area I will phone the in-resort representative while they’re with me. It’s great if they feel like they have had contact with the resort team already. I offer to print out their travel documents for them so they can collect them in person; it gives them the chance to ask any last minute questions too. If I take any bookings over the telephone with guests who are fairly local I will always say if they want to come and meet us in person, or are shopping here then to pop in.” – Claire, Travel Adviser

“Working on social media means that I can easily identify the little things that mean the world to our guests – I get the best job of chatting to our customers all day long! If they’ve booked a holiday for someone’s birthday, anniversary or honeymoon it’s likely that they’ll mention this on social media. It’s up to us to then to turn those little things into something big. From organising a cake, or a surprise bottle of champers once he’s ‘popped the question’, these things can really make a difference to our customers’ holidays, and that’s what we pride ourselves on.” – Shelley, Social Media Executive

“My role at James Villas isn’t just about handpicking the best villas from a quality point of view (although that is a big part of it), I also check them in terms of health and safety and forge relationships with the owners. The latter is very important, as I need to be able to agree the best prices so we can make our customers’ holidays as affordable as possible. – Alice, Contractor

Contractor checking a villa

The Contractors at James Villas stop at nothing to handpick the best villas, check their safety and make sure those essentials for a happy holiday are all there.

“We want to make it really easy for our customers to find an amazing villa holiday. That’s why we’ve updated our website to make it more intuitive and easier to use. Our new villa collection also makes it easier for customers to choose the villa that’s right for them – no mean feat with over 2700 villas! But most of all, we know it’s not just a villa and flights that make up an amazing holiday. That’s why we tailor our service from the very first enquiry to the day guests return home, and look at every little thing involved. Pay day payments are a new from us. Being able to pay off their holiday balance after they’ve been paid is a real weight off our customers’ minds, and with our Best Price Guarantee they know they’re getting the best value for money.” – Alex, Marketing Communications Manager

“The Travel Advisers here often get guests who come back to the same agent who booked a previous holiday for them. That personal experience and familiarity gives them reassurance that their holiday is safe in our hands. Having a rep in most James Villas resorts also gives that peace of mind that someone is always on hand if you need them. They give great restaurant tips if you want to stay away from the bright lights of tourism!” – Katie, Travel Adviser

James Villas rep

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick the brains of one the In-Resort Representatives in many of our destinations.

“One of the little things we do here at James Villas that makes a big difference is to quality-check every single booking in detail, to make sure it’s just perfect. Holidays get checked twice, not by computer programmes, but by real, highly experienced staff to ensure nothing has been missed and to give you confidence that everything has been taken care of.

When I’ve travelled with James Villas something that made a big difference on my holiday was the step by step driving directions from the airport to the villa. It can be daunting arriving in a new country for the first time, but when you’re following the driving directions – carefully checked for accuracy – it really is difficult to go wrong and makes finding your way one less thing to worry about.” – Peter, Sales Supervisor, Bluewater Store

Arriving on holiday

Getting to your villa will be a breeze, making sure you can get your holiday started all the sooner!

“Working with the villa owners direct means we can encourage them to include things such as pool towels, Bluetooth speakers and hair dryers, so that guests have everything they need while on holiday. The team here also spend a lot of time either collecting or drawing floor plans of the properties so that our customers can visualise the layout of a villa and make the best choice for their party.” – Lauren, Contractor

“Working on the James Villas social media channels, I am in instant contact with our customers and can jump in immediately to help out where needed, or to share their fabulous holiday images. It’s like being an instant link between our guests and the departments they need to speak to; there’s never a dull moment!” – Marianne, Social Media Executive

“I help work through literally thousands of images on the James Villas website – villas and destinations alike. I make sure they’re inspiring and that there’s plenty of them, to help you make that big decision on where to go before booking your dream holiday, with peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re getting. When I actually go away with James Villas myself what I like most is that everything is taken care of. Ease of parking at the airport is a big plus using the ‘Meet and Greet’ – perfect for my young family with no stress involved.” – Tania, Production Assistant

Browsing website

Tania is one of the team who make sure that the images on our website speak for themselves.

“It seems like a little thing, but a big deal for our guests is that we can arrange airport assistance for them. It can put their mind at rest that this will all be taken care of. I also encourage our customers to have a rep visit. They are a wealth of information for our guests, especially if they are going to a new destination.” – Christine, Travel Adviser

If you want to hear more about the little things that can make a big difference to your big holiday, check out our video, where the team here tell you more.


Alex is a Marketing Communications Manager at James Villa Holidays.

Known as the 'unique' one in the team, I have been with James Villas since November 2013...

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See all articles by Alex

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