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The Perfect Barbecue For Less


A self-catering holiday is never complete without at least one barbecue. From the sizzling sounds and mouth-watering smells of meats and fish cooking away, to the refreshing salads and crusty bread, there is simply no better way to dine al fresco whilst on your villa holiday. And now, with the recent fall in the Euro exchange rate you can enjoy your barbecue even more knowing you can feast for less when holidaying in Europe.

For the avid barbecue lovers among you we have put the cost of the perfect family barbecue  for four to the test comparing ingredients from the UK against Europe’s cheapest beach resort, the Algarve.

Barbecue Price Comparison - UK vs the Algarve

As you can see, for a family of four, that is a total saving of just over £17. Plus, with a self catered villa holiday you have the added benefit of cooking at your leisure with no restrictions of when or where to eat, perhaps whilst relaxing by your own private pool – pure holiday bliss.

Great value for money doesn’t just stop at the Algarve, according to the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer from the Post Office, you can enjoy cheaper prices in a variety of European beach holiday destinations thanks to the lower Euro exchange rate – which has been predicted to remain low throughout 2015 and beyond.

So why not make your holiday go further with a self-catered villa with us and enjoy your holiday the way you like it for less.


Please note: The barbecue prices are based on food to feed an average family of four, correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. The exchange rate at the time of publishing was 1.37 Euros to the pound, and is subject to change.

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