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Top 10 reasons for 10 night holidays


You’re planning your next getaway and have lots to consider, and if how long to go for is one thing on your mind, take a look at our top reasons for a 10 night break. We’d all love plenty of time to relax and soak up the sunshine, wouldn’t we? So with our 10 night holidays you do just that! While seven is heaven, enjoy those blissful rays for just a little longer. Peaceful seclusion in a Greek hilltop hideaway or beachfront boltholes in the Balearics, the choice is yours!

So let’s get that ‘out of office’ on and enjoy more days of soaking up some Vitamin Sea…

Improves mood

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It’s a well-known fact that enough days away from work and daily routine can do wonders for your health and lift your mood. So with a 10 night holiday the good vibes are sure to continue for longer once you return home. And who are we to argue with science!

Reduces stress levels

Let’s confess we’d all love more days of less stress! And being on a villa holiday you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want! No need to worry as you’re in complete control of enjoying a holiday that suits you.

Restores energy

You’re bound to feel rejuvenated by having plenty of time to do as you wish. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool or working up a sweat at one of our Holiday Resorts’ leisure facilities, you’re sure to be alive and kicking – and it’ll prepare you for the days ahead!

Time to settle in

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With 10 nights away you’ll have more than enough time to settle into your villa. As well as get familiar with your surroundings. So hang up your clothes, stock up the fridge and drape your towel on a sunlounger reserved for you. You’re here for the long haul!

Fully unplug from normal life

Away from the hustle and bustle of work and school, you can fully recharge. Whether you’re plugged into your holiday playlist or listening to an audiobook, from your day to day life you can switch off and unwind. ‘Back to reality’ is a long distance away…

Time to relax

Escaping on a 10 night break, you’re sure to find time to unwind! By the pool admiring the views or snuggled up on the sofa watching the satellite TV. Yes it’s really up to you! Perhaps you’re in Spain and in need of an afternoon siesta? Take naps no matter what time of the day (or destination for that matter) – you’re on holiday after all!

Time to explore

Young woman overlooking the mountainous coastline and deep blue sea

On a 10 night getaway you’ll have plenty of time to squeeze it all in! Sightseeing a historical site one day or visiting a beautiful beach the next, no two days need to be the same! Spending all your days discovering or just hopping in the car for one or two day trips, the time is yours to see and do as you wish!

Make memories with your loved ones

Family of four, laughing and smiling, enjoying their private pool.

At home we don’t always get to spend as much time as we’d like with loved ones so an extended holiday is the perfect opportunity to do so! Perhaps you’re celebrating a special occasion with the family or relishing a carefree escape with friends. Whoever you’re with, together you’ll have the chance to enjoy fun in the sun and share those lifelong memories!

Experience local life

Immerse yourself in the local way of life and experience all the tasty traditional cuisines on offer. It’s all about indulging, so whether it’s treating yourself to more time or delicious dishes, 10 night retreats are the way to go!

 Get stuck into your holiday reading

Woman in sun hat, reading her book by her private pool

There’s nothing like getting caught up in a good page-turner while lounging by the pool. And with a longer break just think how much more reading you’ll do! Pack a few books and if one isn’t hitting the literal sweet spot, just dive into another one and get lost in the story unfolding in front of you!

So go and treat yourself to 10 night of villa holiday bliss, where rest and relaxation is not be missed. You’ll pack in as much or as little as you like and love spending the time doing what’s right for you. Even after 10 nights away you may never want to go home!

Alice Allwright

Alice Allwright is a Marketing Communications Executive at James Villa Holidays.

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See all articles by Alice Allwright

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