Blue waters and towering cliffs of the Gorges du Verdon, France


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We all have those sights that we’re itching to tick off our travel bucket list! Growing with every amazing holiday snap a friend shows us or envy inducing image we scroll past on social media. Hopefully we’re about to add a few more to yours, with our top must-sees across a handful of our destinations.

The Pitons, St. Lucia

Gros and Petit Piton mountain peaks in St. Lucia

Two magnificent peaks, rising from the Caribbean Sea – The Pitons are as must-see as they come! Decorated by thick vegetation that winds its way up to their eye-catching tips, these volcanic plugs stand watch over much of St. Lucia. And this means that you can take them in however you like! From a beach chair with a cocktail in hand, as you hike along the wonderful Tet Paul Nature Trail or cruising across the waves on a boat. However you choose to enjoy these peaks, that first moment that they come into view is simply unforgettable.

Pompeii, Italy

Ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii, Italy

A piece of Roman culture that’s been frozen in time, the famous city of Pompeii is as fascinating as its story is remarkable. An eruption from Mount Vesuvius covered it in ash so rapidly that its inhabitants and buildings were instantly preserved! Today this means that curious tourists can find them exactly as they were when the cloud descended in 79 A.D. Temples and villas, art and artefacts – Pompeii is probably the best window to Roman past that you’ll ever come across. Less than an hour from our Amalfi Coast villas, it’s a wonderful day trip for the inquisitive among you.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia soaring above the Barcelona skyline, Spain

With its towering spires, curving columns and elegant facades, the Sagrada Familia could easily be an enchanting castle from a mystical fairy tale land. It’s no fantasy author that’s conjured up this delightful church, the ingenious mind of Antoni Gaudí takes full credit! He worked tirelessly on the Sagrada Familia and ensured his plans could be followed long after his death in 1926. Expected to be finished in 2026, a century after Gaudí’s passing, there’s still time for you to see the masterpiece in progress!

His two biggest inspirations were nature and religion and there’s signs of this to be spotted throughout the church. The lack of straight lines comes from Gaudí’s love of his natural surroundings, opting to replicate the flowing curves of life around him instead. The three exquisitely detailed facades tell religious tales of the nativity, crucifixion and Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Heading inside in the early morning or late evening promises a beaming sun through the stained-glass windows. Works of art in themselves, you’ll be just as blown by what lies within.

Our villas in Costa Dorada put you in touching distance of more Gaudí delights and the wonderful culture of Barcelona.

Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta and Gozo

Stunning blue water of Comino Blue Lagoon, Malta and Gozo

You may not have heard of Comino, but this small island off Malta and Gozo is home to a breathtaking natural beauty! And if it is the first you’ve heard of it, your bucket list is about the get one sight longer. The name will have given away what you can expect to find, but that still won’t prepare you for how wonderfully blue these waters are. In the shallows the waves are so clear you’ll be able to see your feet sinking into the soft sand. As you paddle out, you’ll see the most mesmerising tones of turquoise swirling around you. All that’s left to do is swim!

Ferries and boat tours head here from its neighbouring islands throughout the day, meaning you can it take it all in on your Malta or Gozo villa holiday.

Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace against mountain and red sky backdrop, Spain

Sitting atop a hill above Granada and with a mountainous backdrop, this Moorish Palace starts working its charm before you even make your journey up! Alhambra means Red Castle in Arabic and you’ll notice the scarlet shades and crimson tones as you get closer. Designed as a defensive fortress and later becoming a royal palace, it couples a hard exterior with a decadent and opulent interior. Stunning designs are carved into walls, ceilings and pillars, while statues and fountains decorate impressive courtyards. And there’s nothing like a stroll through its gardens, with its colourful floral displays sitting among the rows of trees. A perfect day trip from your Andalucia or Almeria villa.

Gorges du Verdon

Turquoise river waters of the Gorges du Verdon canyon, France

One of those sights that gives you an instant wanderlust as soon as you see a picture, the Gorges du Verdon is definitely one for your travel bucket list. But can a picture truly do it justice? This is one you need to see for yourself. The Verdon River has carved a snaking turquoise path through the limestone, creating cliffs that reach heights of 700m! Just like The Pitons, there’s a number of ways for you to enjoy this amazing sight. Hit Provence‘s roads that hairpin around the rim for a bird’s eye view, or hike along its trails so see it up close and personal. Although it does get much closer than paddling your way along its waters in a kayak. From your watery perspective you’ll learn just how turquoise the river is and just how magnificent those towering cliffs are.

It’s time to tick off some off your travel bucket list toppers! Find your dream villa and you’ll have the freedom to do it all your way.

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