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Get into holiday mode with mindfulness practices.

Phoebe Greenacre is a travel and wellness blogger who has clocked up 51 countries on her travels. She brings mindfulness practices and her yoga teaching to everywhere she goes. Now she’s bringing you five easy tips to you to help make your next James Villas holiday your most relaxing one yet…

Your flights are booked, the villa is waiting – all you need to do is arrive and unwind. As easy as that sounds, switching into holiday mode can be hard for some of us. Life is busy after all, and we always seem to be ticking off a never ending to-do list! But, it’s time enjoy your hard earned freedom and the sooner you unwind, the sooner you can make the most of it. Luckily for you these simple techniques will help you destress, unravel and take it easy.

Morning moments

A cup of tea with "Good Morning"

Mornings can be busy, but on holiday there’s no need for breakfast to go and no train to catch. Sit down with your tea or coffee, drink slowly and savour the moment. Prepare your breakfast slowly and eat it slowly. It’s all about slowing the pace right down to get you into holiday mode. Take your breakfast al fresco by the pool or on the terrace and start the day with a breath of fresh air. The choice is yours, but take it slow.


Even if you wake up groggy, ten minutes of meditation first thing will make you spring to life. Starting a meditation routine on a villa holiday is ideal as you have no schedules or alarms. Download the headspace app and use their free ‘how to’ guide to keep you focused, optimistic and at peace. It’ll guide you through all of the steps. Simply listen as it goes through how to sit, where to be, the meditations and visualisations.

Breathe in, breathe out

Deep, mindful breathing exercises in a beautiful, quiet location can be the perfect way to settle into holiday mode. It helps your muscles relax, delivers oxygen around the body and releases those wonderful endorphins! A simple exercise is to breathe in slowly for five counts, hold for two, and then breathe out for five counts. Find a nice spot by the pool or the beach, close your eyes and breathe…

Yoga by the pool

Illustration of child's pose

You don’t need to be a bendy pretzel to enjoy the benefits of yoga. By embracing a little poolside yoga before bed, you can give yourself the best holiday gift ever – a good night’s sleep! You can unwind, stretch tight muscles and increase your flexibility at the same time. Forward folds are great for inducing sleep-like properties and these four simple poses can be practiced every day. Hold each pose for 10 breaths and repeat each twice.

Wide Leg Forward Fold
Sitting Forward Bend
Standing Forward Fold
Child’s Pose

Digital Detox

Disconnecting from life’s stresses can pretty much be solved by hitting the ‘off button’ on your devices. Flick on the ‘Out Of Office’ message as soon as you leave work and tell your coworkers that you’re not going to have reception. The sooner you stop checking your inbox or social notifications, the sooner you can settle in to your chill out time. See how many days you can keep them switched off.

Visit Phoebe’s blog at woodandluxe.com for more travel tips and wellness techniques. If you’re ready to find your own villa retreat, start your search now.

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Phoebe Greenacre

Phoebe Greenacre is a at James Villa Holidays.

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See all articles by Phoebe Greenacre

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