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Unwinding into the New Year: Holiday Wellness


If your New Year’s resolution is to be more positive, more mindful and really focus on your wellbeing, a villa holiday could be key in keeping you on track. There’s nowhere better for tranquillity and well-earned ‘me time’ than a private villa! Just think about all that personal space, peace and quiet – this is holiday bliss. With the perfect environment for mindfulness, you can really work on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Start your holiday stress-free

It might sound obvious, but you’ll want the unwinding to begin before you even step foot on the plane. There’s nothing worse than rushing to the airport, getting stuck in a traffic and being struck by the fear that it’s all about to go pear-shaped. Why not start the holiday early? Booking an airport hotel means that your getaway begins in a leisurely fashion. Head there the night before your flight, get a restful sleep and wake up ready for your exciting adventure.

Switching off on holiday

With the fast pace of life back home, it feels like we’re always on. Answering work emails on the go, replying to colleagues from the palm off your hand – this exactly what you shouldn’t be doing on holiday. Step away from your smartphone! Out of office exists for a reason, so don’t be afraid to put it on as soon as your holiday begins. With work on the brain, unwinding is going to be pretty tough.

Digital detox

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You can even take this a step further and embark on a digital detox. Switching off your phone and tablet might be unheard of these days, but give it a try and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. This is a great way of detaching yourself from life back home. Mindfulness is about living in and appreciating the now and how can you do this if you’re glued to your screens? When you’re not worrying about the next notification, life seems a lot more peaceful. Without all of these distractions you’ll start to appreciate your new surroundings and connect with those around you instead. Social media will still be there in a week or so! Besides, are you really going to miss anything important if you stop scrolling over your holiday? Chances are you won’t even miss it after a couple of days and it’s even more likely that you’ll feel truly refreshed when you head home.

Mindful mornings

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It might be a mad rush back home, but your mornings on holiday should be relaxed and laid-back. And where better to unwind than in your very own villa? You won’t have to be ready for breakfast by a certain time, so get up when you like and make those mornings as lazy as you want them to be. A mindful holiday is also about enjoying all those little moments. Rushing is out of the question, so your morning cuppa should last as long as you want it to. Pour another if you like! It might taste even better when each sip is accompanied by your brilliant balcony views. Or maybe grabbing some fresh air by the pool sounds like a better way to spend your morning?

Don’t plan too much

So much of our life is lived to a schedule, so our holidays should be a break from all those plans and deadlines. Rip up the itineraries and just take each day as it comes! Trying to accomplish too much in one day or have ticked something off your list by a certain hour is a recipe for stress. The beauty of a villa holiday is that you’ve got so much freedom. Try to pick out your top activities, the must-see and strong favourites. Trying to cram too much in might results in a mad rush, disrupting all that wonderful wellbeing.

Your most mindful holiday yet is just waiting to begin! Take a look at our secluded villas and find your perfect home from home. Whether it’s the digital detox that’s piqued your interest or you just love the sound of those lazy mornings…

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