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There’s something special about going away together as a couple, the switching off, the reconnecting and the simplicity of enjoying each other’s company without any distractions or interruptions. A villa for two is the perfect solution whether it be a quick getaway, a celebration holiday or even a honeymoon. Why not surprise your loved one with the ultimate romantic gift for Valentine’s: a villa holiday for two? Peace and privacy are the perfect recipe for quality time together, and we’ve got some gorgeous properties that are small in size and big in personality, for just the two of you.

Villas For Two

villas for couples

One of the last phrases you would use to describe me is anti-social, but when I explain what I like most about the holidays my fiancée and I take, that’s exactly how I come across. We’re not anti-social really – we like to chat to the locals and other holidaymakers as much as anyone – but sometimes a quiet night in, just the two of us, is perfect. Light chatter, comfortable silence, enjoying the ambience, the sunset, the pool – just us, spending time together, reconnecting and making new memories. It sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t call it anti-social at all, I would call it private.

That’s why when we go away we tend to choose a villa. It might not be your first thought for accommodation when you’re planning that romantic getaway, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, what better way to relax, just the two of you? There are some lovely villas out there with just one, maybe two, bedrooms. You get the space you need, without feeling like you’re rattling round an enormous house.

Mostly though I just like the feeling of staying somewhere just for us, in a real home for a week, not just a hotel room. I love staying in a villa. I will unpack my clothes in the wardrobe, rather than living out of a suitcase. I love having a living room, separate to the bedroom, but most of all I love having our own pool.

villas for couples

The option of a dining table, private to you, both inside and outside of the villa is wonderful, as is a fully equipped kitchen. We are real foodies and would hate to be limited to a buffet-style dinner from a shared restaurant every night. I booked a villa in Nisaki in Corfu last year for my fiancée’s 30th birthday and although we ate out in Greek tavernas some nights, we really enjoyed shopping at the same places as the locals and trying our hand at cooking with the raw ingredients. We love taking our time over a meal, eating on a patio or balcony while the sun is setting and sharing a bottle of wine from the region. In a hotel restaurant, often it’s busy, rushed, there’s no sense of romance and no sense of occasion. We much prefer a local restaurant where it’s special every time we eat out, or cooking in the villa, where we can take our time.

villas for couples

We also find that when we book a villa that we explore more. We can work to our own timetables, so we can get up and get out, rather than being restricted by hotel-determined meal times, evening entertainment or pool opening hours. One of our favourite ways of exploring is to strap on a pair of walking shoes, plan a rough route and, armed with a rucksack containing water, a phone and some sun-cream, just walk.

We love the freedom of not being confined to a resort, and by choosing a self-catering option, we aren’t paying for something we aren’t using, or worrying about being back for a specific time. I would highly recommend trying a villa holiday as a couple. I think it’s wonderful to spend so much relaxed downtime with the one you love, on a holiday where you’ve set the pace.

Villa Sky, Cyprus

Step out from Sky’s light and contemporary open plan living area to the poolside terrace, perfectly set up for outdoor dining. Here lovely views of the Mediterranean can be admired, while a beach and an array of shops, restaurants and bars are within easy walking distance.

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Villa Pagona, Ithaka

Nestled in the midst of enchanting olive groves, the charming stone-built villa Pagona enjoys a peaceful countryside location, ideal for those looking to get away from it all. Outside, set among the olive trees, next to the swimming pool, a fantastic hot tub can be enjoyed to ease you into your relaxing holiday.

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If you fancy your own couple’s villa escape then check out our great selection of villas for two.

villas for couples

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