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Halkidiki – The Home of Legends and Holidays


As if there weren’t already enough destinations to choose from for your next villa holiday, we’ve only gone and added another! We’re really excited to introduce you to our new destination, Halkidiki.

Part of mainland Greece, Halkidiki is made up of three beautiful peninsulas jutting out into the blue Mediterranean Sea – Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Together they offer over 550km of coastline and more beaches than you can shake your beach towel at! Not to mention more than 50 awarded with Blue Flag status.

Stunning beaches aside, Halkidiki offers culture, history, mythology and mouth-watering local cuisine. We’re certain there is something for everyone. In fact, we’d go as far to say that you might never want to leave you’ll love it so much!

Villas in Halkidiki

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Our villas in Halkidiki are split between two resorts Hanioti and Paliouri on the Kassandra peninsula. Both are well within reach of beaches, restaurants and local amenities.

Travel to Halkidiki

halkidiki beach

The closest airport is Thessaloniki, a 3/3.5 hour flight from the UK. And once you’ve landed, in just over an hour you could be swapping travel clothes for swimsuits and jumping into your own private pool.

Food in Halkidiki

olives in Hakidiki

Home grown produce is the protagonist of the local menus in the tavernas and restaurants. Meats, fish and cheese feature heavily in various delicious combinations. And traditional delicacies like olives, wine and honey are the perfect size to pop into your suitcase to help support the local trades.

Active holidays in Halkidiki

hiking in halkidiki

Choose between 20 hiking routes and 17 cycling routes that take you through mountains, wetlands and along white sandy beaches. Pack a picnic and visit Lake Mavrobara the home of two species of endangered turtle.

History, myths and legends of Halkidiki

A gruesome battlefield between the giants and the Gods, you can explore Halkidiki’s 3000 year old history and marvel at the stories handed down from generation to generation. The peninsula of Kassandra is said to be the fallen giant Enceladus, trapped beneath a rock thrown at him by the Gods. And Mount Athos is said to be another rock hurled at the giants in anger. These days the rock hurling is over and you can safely roam the area discovering many more amusing myths and legends.

athos monastery

As home to the oldest human remains of ancient Greece, the Petralona Caves will leave you in awe. A 700,000 year old skull, which can now be seen in Thessaloniki, was found in these caves along with plenty more bones and fossils.

Another popular place to visit in Halkidiki is the oldest temple of Poseidon, a place of worship used for hundreds of years.

Shopping in Halkidiki

Market days are fun days where the locals gather and sell their produce in the town squares. Walk the brightly coloured stalls and become part of the bustling crowd as you fill your shopper with fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also stock up on local cheese, olives, and honey. Look out for freshly caught fish or the local butcher and maybe grab a bottle of Ouzo to help complete your evening. Not just for foodies, you’ll also find plenty of local souvenirs to take back home too.

Could a villa holiday in Halkidiki be what you’re looking for in 2018? If you take a look at the villas we think your answer will be yes.

Things to do in halkidiki

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