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Where To Capture Postcard Perfect Photos


Holidays are a rare chance to pick up a camera and capture the world through your own eyes. Putting your artistic flair to use, in the pursuit of those extra special holiday snaps – the ones that feel like a work of art. Our destinations are home to truly magical sights, where you can aim for your most postcard perfect photos yet. We’ve picked out a handful of the very best, the ones that will really impress your friends and family when you unveil your latest holiday photos.

Alhambra Palace, Spain

Set atop a hill, towering over the trees and towns below, and with the mountain peaks acting as its backdrop, Alhambra Palace rightly earns it place on our postcard perfect list. This Moorish monument is a long standing relic of Andalucia‘s Arab past. The vibrant walls of the ‘Red Castle’ seem to pop more even against the greens and browns that sit around it. So you can capture that perfect snap from afar if you like. But there’s plenty more architectural treats waiting up close! The Court of the Lions and its fountain are truly beautiful, while the magnificent gardens bring greenery and colour to all your snaps.


Pula Roman Amphitheatre, Croatia

One of the finest Roman relics in the world is tucked away in Istria, giving holidaymakers heading to this corner of Croatia the chance to grab a postcard perfect picture. And there’s more impressive backdrops to be found here too! Pula’s Amphitheatre towers over the harbour and Adriatic Sea – so where better for your next amazing photo? This where gladiators once fought in front of up to 20,000 onlookers, sat on the edge of their seat in anticipation of epic duels.


Lover’s Bridge, Cyprus

Sometimes there’s just no better architect than Mother Nature and she has really worked her charm on the Cypriot coastline. The waves of the sea have carved this beautiful arch above the beautifully blue waters. So if you’re looking for a romantic spot for that amazing photo, look no further than Cyprus.


Sénanque Abbey, France

An order of monks still call this 12th century abbey home and it’s their careful cultivation of lavender that adds even more sparkle to this hidden gem. These vibrant purple plants are the perfect complement to the rustic stone buildings. And with the green hills rolling their way across the countryside in the background, postcard perfect couldn’t be a more fitting term for Provence‘s religious monument.


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